Friday, July 17, 2009

Update to my update

So around 2pm today the nurse comes in and tells me I am NPO and that I can not eat or drink and the doctor should be in soon that they "might" deliver me anxious, nervous, and upset I call a few people to let them know...but reminding them it could be another false alarm I sit and wait for MD.
Then nurse comes in and tells me they are taking me back to u/s to repeat BPP on baby B and if it is 4/8 again or less they will deliver tonight and if back to 6/8 sit and wait some more.
So after I bragged yesterday that I was IV and monitor free....I get a new IV with IV fluid on a lovely pump and pole due to NPO status. I go to u/s and the first thing I see when she looks at baby B is HICCUPS (btw this counts as "breathing" and this is what caused him to get a 4/8 earlier because this is what he was not doing) so the selfish inpatient part of me that is tired of sitting here and dreadfully misses her baby girl things DAMN delivery now!
So I go back to my room and Jack's Aunt Sheila and his cousin Hailey have dropped everything they were doing and came to see me so I can see Ava. I AM EXTREMELY GRATEFUL FOR THEM BOTH! THANK YOU! They stayed for awhile and of course no doctor yet and they leave
6:45 PM Dr. Lipton finally comes in and talks with around the bush like she always does and basically pawns off every question and says it is for the high risk doctors..who I never see to answer. She is a resident MD btw. So I sit here and ponder some more about how long can they put this off. I totally understand the longer they are in there is better, but when does it come a point to deliver before there are bad complications with B or A? I feel that God put them in there and they all deserve an equal chance at life and that B should not have to die or suffer to improve A and C chances.

Now for the past hour or so I have had contractions every 3 minutes or so...they are getting stronger but I have been bolused with fluid and have taken the dreaded Vistaril, but maybe it is for the best that I sleep for the next 16 hours!

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