Friday, October 21, 2011

There is a MOUSE in my house!

A few weeks ago when I woke up  I discover 20-30 droppings in my laundry room. I left them there for Jack to see and we all pretty much conclude a palmetto bug could not leave that kind of poop in 1 night. I was hoping the little bastard came in and left the same way he enter (we think it or they came in through the dryer vent) Around the same time the field behind our house got mowed for the 1st time in months. We also have a burned down house that burned down the day after Logan died behind ours. We recently had a H.O.A. meeting where the residence complained of possums, frogs and mice coming from the over grown fenced in back yard (the weeds are over 10feet tall in spots). So there is no question why this mouse/mice are looking for a few home but WHY THE HELL DID THEY CHOOSE MINE DANG IT.

So ,I tried not to think to much about the possibility of a nasty furry creature being in my house then this past Monday my husband was laying our area rug back down in the living room when he discovered several droppings behind the couch. Once again I thought maybe they were already there and they left. I have seen no droppings, no sightings, nothing chewed up etc in the house at all.

Then this morning I went to open the window and there they were fresh rat droppings on the arm of my couch. EWW EWW EWW!!!!! Today I am finally out of denial! There IS defiantly a nasty rat in my house!

Tonight Jack, Christine, her kids, and me moved the couches and found a TON of nasty rat poop. We vacuumed it all up and laid stick traps down behind the couch and `1 in the laundry room. The nasty little bastard is probably hiding in my room or something now. I am freaking out. I have check the rooms in my house along the walls and haven't seen any rat poop anywhere besides the living room. I also bought rat poison but I am afraid the kids will get a hold of it.

When I closed the garage the other night a mouse jumped from the top of the garage door, on to the roof of my car, down the hood, and into the storage bins in the garage!!! I thought I was going to pee my pants. I left the garage door cracked open so it could escape. I probably have a freaking pregnant mouse laying babies in my couches with my luck.

LOL Christine just told me I should not tell people about my mouse in my house because the 1st thing people will think is that we are dirty people anf that our house is nasty. LOL I post pictures of my house all the time it is trashed by children but not a "dirty person house". LOL

Christine would like me to announce that she has lost 39 pounds in 2 months. Her tumor appears to be stable still, but they do not have the final report. Her husband is working. The kids are doing good in general. Christine is going in for some kind of nerve block for her head next month to help with the pressure and pain. If it works she will be able to get off a lot of her pain meds. She also just informed her doctor actually told her yesterday that she will have a slow drawn out death. I guess only God knows the answer to that. I have pretty much been living in denial that she will acutally die...she has been doing so good. I told her she was not allowed to die in my house. Last week we were discussing funeral wishes and now that her husband is working hopefully they can save up and pay for her wishes to be done. Thinking about it gives me a huge knot in my stomach .There is so much stuff going on she just simply is not allowed to die.

Wish us luck in  Operation find the mouse/mice! The goal is to catch them by the end of the weekend before my kids come home. My skin is crawling just being in my living room think about it being near is probably waiting for me on my pillow in my room though....

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jacob is doing great!

Jacob has been a little sick lately and has been vomiting A LOT. I stopped his E.S.S. Gran that we have been giving him to help stop the vomiting a few days ago because I could not afford to pay for it. I didn't think it was really helping him, but dang it the past few days since I stopped it he has been vomiting 2-3 times a day. He vomits no matter what when he is sick, but I am not sure if it is just him coughing so much or that the meds were helping. If he is still vomiting a lot by pay day next week I will fork out the $70 and get the medication again.

The good thing is though, when he was sick in the past he was so sick he did NOTHING. Even though he has a cough and mild congestion and vomiting up half his food every day he is still acting like his normal self.  He is taking steps, standing, and continuing to be active. He really has enjoyed his gait trainer lately. The more he is in it the more he takes steps. The botox really did great things for his legs. I really feel that he seems to have more control over them since they are a little less tight.

Jacob has a lot of his own equipment now. It is crazy how much this stuff costs! It is also crazy that out of all the equipment he has that insurance only paid for 1 thing. I thank God for the Early Steps program here. Medicaid may have paid for some stuff, but unfortunately Jacob did not have medicaid anymore when the stuff was paid for. I think of how much this stuff cost and it scares me that I will not be able to provide him things that are very useful to him when he out grows the stuff he has. He now owns a bath seat that cost over $400, a Feeder seat that cost over $500, a stander with tray that was over $4,800, and his wheel chair that was over $6,600. That is over $12,000 in equipment!!! and we are not done! Before Jacob ages out of the program the theapist plans to get him a gait trainer. He has one that is a loaner right now.

Andrew is doing awsome. He is saying new words every day. The early interventionist says he is still speech delayed but heck he talks more than some 3 year olds I have met. She wants to increase his visits back to once a week. I was a little overwhelmed when she started and I cut Andrew back to once a month. We are also still waiting for a speech evaluation for feeding therapy for Andrew. He is very picky about what he will eat willingly still.

Ava is doing great at school. She really likes it. She can write her name now and is writing some letters.

Christine and her family are doing good. HER HUSBAND GOT A J. O. B. She goes this month for another MRI to check to see if her tumor is growing.

Here is  a video of Jacob taking steps