Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 10 in baby prison

So the imprisonment continues lol. Was suppose to go for another amnio reduction today but ultrasound did not come until 5pm today and supposedly the doctors had went home. So, apparently it will be done tomorrow. Apparently baby B "The Stuck one" heart rate decelerated today for about 4 minutes a few times. So I sit in this bed my butt hurts. I have on heart rate monitor, contraction monitor, ted hose, SCD compression pump for legs, the oh so wonderful blood pressure monitor, and a non-rebreather oxygen mask. Oh and my right wrist has as very painful IV in it that only took 10 tries to get. :-D Fluid levels today A. 21 B. 1.5 C. 3.6 Biophysical profiles were A. 8 out of 8 B. 6 because of low fluid level C. 8. I am waiting for doctor to get in here still (they usually show up around midnight) I will update more tomorrow after everything is done.

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  1. Wow you brought back some yucky memories. It's all worth it though. Hang in there. You're doing great.
    Call me if you want to talk.
    Stacey McCastlain