Sunday, July 26, 2009

7-26-09 Finally in the same room!

Jacob opens his eyes :-D


We are going home today :-( but we will be back every night. Good news today is that they finally put all 3 boys in 1 room together. This makes it much easier to spend time with all 3.

Last night I got to hold Jacob for the 2nd time. He is more awake now and opens his eyes and grabs my finger. I was very worried last night while I was visiting with Jacob, Logan's blood pressure got really low and they had to increase his dopamine from 5mcg to 10mcg.

Sunday's updates are better: :-D

Like I said they are all in 1 room now

Logan still on 10mcg of dopamine for his blood pressure and they had to go from 30% to 34% on his oxygen on vent for low blood oxygen saturations but overall he is stable now. Dr. Brown wants to check a cordazone level on him to see if his pituitary I believes she said is producing enough. She thinks it may be low and that is the cause of his sudden blood pressure drop.

I don't know if I have metioned this already but they all had there 1 week old brain ultrasounds and they are all NORMAL no signs of any bleeds or any deformities!

Jacob continues to do very well. They are going to start increasing his feeding amounts every 12 hours. He continues to poop and maintain his heart rate and oxygen levels. Last night he weighed 2lbs 10oz.

Andrew the new resident to the developemenal room with his brothers :-D Is also improving. He was taken off the C-pap this morning. He has had about 3 heart decelerations and oxygen drops in the past few hours since they took them off the C-pap. Dr. Brown said it is expected because he is not used to not having the extra pressure from the C-pap and should adjust to the nasal canula again. The new issue with him is that the MD said she hears a small heart murmur. I know this is a normal thing with preemies and they usually close on there own. She said if she still hears it tomorrow they will get a formal cardiac ultrasound. Worst case after awhile if it does not close he will require surgery, but hopefully it will not come to that.

They are all 3 off the bake lamps now lol

Ava loves "her babies" and gets very upset when she can not touch them. Things are finally getting back to normal since she has been back around Jack and me more. She is not be as bad as she was the first few days and I am sure she will be very happy to be back at her home with her doggies lol.

I think that is it for updates. Please continue to pray for there growth and overall health. For Logan's Lungs and Andrew's heart now. Thank You to everyone who follows this blog and for all your support and prayers <3 Jennifer, Jack, and Ava

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