Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Andrew Ava Hannah and Jacob

Playing with Jacob's bubbles
He was really excited about his airplane

This 10 1/2 month old baby started walking a few days ago!

She pretty much told me this was the best I was going to get and that there was no way I was getting a smile and that i was lucky she was keeping the bow in.

My baby is almost 6!

My sweet Jacob. I can never get him to look at me. Looking for the TV is always more important than looking at mommy.

The Easter Bunny made a trail to the easter baskets

My babies baskets. We shopped on a budget this year getting almost everything on clearance throughout the year. Some stuff was 70% after July 4th last year, some clearance Christmas toys. The candy bunnies came from Aldi. I was worried about it tasting bad and I must say it taste good and much better than the cheap chocolate you normally find in the Easter section!

My triplets Not a day or holiday goes by that Logan is not remembered from the missing 5th basket to the 3rd blue shirt. The missing face in every picture. I love you baby boy. We vsisted his grave yesterday and left an easter egg tree.