Saturday, July 4, 2009


So on Thursday July 2nd my husband and I were going about our day as normal. I had been having so low abdominal pain and back pain (like I have been having for weeks and my doc said was normal) and some cramping in my hips needless to say I was miserable. By Thursday night around 8pm I noticed just from walking around the house and doing lite house work that I was getting tightening in the top of my stomach and not just the intermentine pain in low abdominal and back like better to safe than sorry I called and spoke with the MD on call for my doctor and told him about the irregular inconsistent pain in my abdominal and back thinking it was Braxston hix and he tells me to come to L&D triage to be placed on the monitor just to see what is going on. By the way at this point I was 25 weeks and 5 days....I take a shower and the pain is gone. I almost decided not to go but decided I better go check because I am paranoid.

L & D Triage: I get in there at like 10pm I let the nurse know I am no longer feeling contractions get in the the lovely gown. They attempt to monitor all 3 babies heart beats and then put the contraction monitor on. Within a few minutes they tell me nothing and say I better call the Dr in assume it was to get help placing baby monitor things because they were having a hard time picking them up. They come back with a portable ultrasound MD finds placement of all 3 babies on heart tone thing then tells me he is going to check my I assume the position. Totally expecting him to tell me I am closed and I am having braxston hix he looks up at me and says your 2-3 cm dilated and about 70% effaced. So now I think shit! I am not going anywhere this sucks! So he goes into the spiel of preterm labor and how 25-26 week babies do and that they will prob get transferred to a different hospital, but first they would try and stop my labor and if they were able to stop it I would be shipped to a hospital with a level 3 nicu....

To make my already long story short..they put me on a mag sulfate drip. Strict bed rest Foley and all kinds on monitors..I stay at LRMC until like 10am I was checked I was at 3cm and then I was taken by ambulance "lights and siren" fun fun all the way to Winnie Palmer Hospital in Orlando, FL one of the LRMC L & D nurses road along just in case.... I sat in the Winnie Palmer triage for hours finally 4hrs into my stay a MD finally comes to see me..painful pelvic...still 3cm....finally around 4-5pm I was taken to my dungeon where I will live until my babies are born. I have had a total of 2 steroid shots 24hrs apart 1 in each butt cheek to help mature babies lungs. Had an ultrasound done yesterday in the triage area baby A Jacob weighs in at a whopping 2lb 12oz with a fluid volume of 8! B Logan our little hamster is 1lb 8oz with a fluid level of 3.9 and C Andrew was 2lbs 2oz and his fluid level was at 3.6.
Today is Saturday July 4th. I sit here in my dungeon with my new found Internet which makes me feel a little more happy about the possibility of being here for a very long time.. they are doing daily ultrasound and I am still on my mag drip. It makes me feel horrible. I feel hot and extremely tired all the time. Heart beats A. 125 B. 136 C. 121 I got to see my baby for the first time since I left her at home on Thursday night. I miss her so much. My mom, dad, and sister drove from AL just in case they were in a panic when we though we might have to deliver 26 weeks babies. Now it is just a sit and wait game...I sit and sit sand sleep and take hourly Blood pressures and record my input and urine output. I sit on the mag drip. I have had no contractions that I have felt anyways since early yesterday morning.

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