Monday, July 6, 2009

July 6th Amnio=bad!

Okay I am attempting to type through a foggy head of mag sulfate once more...sorry if I don't make since.
This morning I woke up looking forward to a nice quite day, breakfast and a shower. I waited for the new nurse to come on shift to flush IV so I could cover it and go to shower. I order breakfast and watched Jack pack to go home to get Ava. Jack left...I was eating breakfast and then the nurse came and told me they had called for me to go to ultrasound. I ended vomiting up everything I ate for breakfast as transport came to take me to u/s. So, I go to u/s. The tech is checking heart tones and fluid levels...she get a call saying MD has changed orders to get BPP (biophysical profiles) on all the babies as well. The heart rates were good, I can't remember what they were now and I was feeling great except for the pain I was having on my lower right side where baby A thing I know the tech comes back in and tells me the MD wants to do an amniocentesis and pull the extra fluid off of A. I have a consent form given to me giving me all the risks of having it done and I am at the hospital alone. Dr. came in and explained to me the ttts was getting bad that A's fluid measured above 17 in its largest pocket while B sat just under 2. Baby A also had was is called hydrops which is an accumulation of fluid within the baby's tissues. This is very bad and many babies that develop this can die from heart failure. So the doctor tells me that the theory is by pulling the fluid off on A it will help stabilize the pressure between the 2 babies so the blood will flow more equally between the 2. The risk of having the procedure done was preterm labor, ruptured membranes, infection, and placental abruption. The risk of doing nothing was risking A and B possibly dying or delivering them now anyways and them only have a 67% survival rate w/o complications....I pray about it and decide to go on with the procedure.
Dr. Carlan sticks 2 large 18 gage needles through my stomach and uterus into the amniotic fluid sac of A. He ultimately drained over 3600ml of fluid off of the baby and the pocket size from baby a went from 17 to 9. I started experiencing really bad cramping pains all over my abdomen and back then strong contractions and tenderness all over. MD thought I might be about to have a placental abruption from taking off so much fluid.....I am rushed to the L & D triage area as I scream in pain down the hall and the are constantly looking via u/s at the placenta and heart rates of a and b. After about 45 minutes of non stop excruciating pain I was finally given 1 mg dilaudid and a bunch of other drugs to relax uterus and stop contractions. In the mean time just in case they started prepping me for an emergency c-section IV's foley and sign consents and blood draws. I did stabilize before this happened and MD decided he thought the risk of an abruption was not as serious at this point. So after about 1 1/2 in triage I was sent back to my room. I was given more meds for pain and things to stop the contractions. The evil mag sulfate drip is back and I have my 3rd new IV in 2 days! grr. I have slept all day and feel tiny contractions still, but nothing like this morning. I am feeling some movements from babies non from where A is but I think I have felt B move now. So now I just wait for the u/s in the morning to see what is next.

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