Thursday, July 30, 2009


Quick update: Andrew off c-pap this is the 3rd attempt of taking him off I hope it last. He is getting I think 19cc feedings now could be more since this afternoon. He is almost off IV fluids all together. Jacob is about the same feedings were at 11cc this afternoon. Logan not improving to much still has crappy blood gases with high c02 levels his feedings are at 4cc. Jack's parent's got to see them for the 1st time today.
New New update: I just called and spoke with there nurses... Andrew is back on c-pap AGAIN. his WBC was 15.2 they are going to do a blood cx they think he is developing an infection now. Poor little guy he is suppose to be the healthy one. I don't know if I mentioned it before. He is the only 1 I have been told has a PDA (Patent ductus arteriosus) but I am sure Logan must have 1 too because of his pulmonary hypertention. I was told they all 3 had murmurs. I am calling that freaking MD in the morning. They need to tell what the hell is acutally going on with them. Logan 02 was dropping alot tonight they think his tube is out of place. She said they wer going to order an x-ray to see what was going on. I don't know if I like his nurse. Poor guy had a new tube put in 2 night ago because it was time for it to be changed and was doing great. I guess after we left that night some how the tube was pulled out and she did not catch it right away (can't believe she admited that) so he had 2 tubes placed within a few hours of each other. Now the same nurse said she think the tube got pulled out to far again tonight. On a better note Jacob is still just hanging out not causing a whole lot of problems. I need to find out how big Andrew's PDA is and what they are doing about it. I think this is why he is having so many respitory issues compared to Jacob. They weighed them again both Andew and Jacob gained Andrew is still 2lbs 12oz but they go in grams and it was higher but can't remember exactly jabob is 2lbs 13oz Logan was not weighed due to his vent issues.

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