Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bad Children

I was up late last night until about 3am. I was woke up by a little girl who proclaimed "Mama! It's day time!" at around 8:30 this morning. Jack and I get up and do the morning routine. 3 diapers to change, medications and a tube feeding to start, I had to pump milk for the baby, and eggs for the rest of us. Around 1030 after I finished pumping a 2nd time, I felt a little naptine coming on. Jacob was just put up in his gait trainer, we locked the kitchen and chained the front door, we turned the house alarm on so the kids could not ex cape. The 2 walking children were playing nicely in the living room watching Disney Junior. All seemed content and a perfect time for a 45 minute nap. I set the alarm on my phone to get up in 45 minutes. The baby was with us and had already fallen asleep. About every 5 minutes after I played down Ava would come and yell "Mama! Andrew did --- and Andrew did ---" I was thinking they couldn't cause to much damage. About 20 minutes into the suppose to be nap time Ava chases Andrew into our bedroom and he has a big bottle of baby powder. I take it and hide it in the window seal...I also notice the hard white substance already painted on his back. I was think well it will still be there in 15 minutes lets take advantage of this nap time. Well, 5 minutes later Ava comes screaming "Andrew did it. He made a huge mess" I yell at them to get out. They are running up and down the hall and shaking the gait trying to get into the kitchen. I lay there and wait for the alarm. I get up and face the great unknown with Jack. We enter to a snowy wonderland in the living room. Powder from the dining room (baby cage area) changing table, under the changing table, all across the living room floor, under the couch, on the couch. EVERYWHERE. There is also tooth paste on all the Mickey mouse toys and on Andrew's back. Lesson of the day: Don't take nap time unless all children are properly caged, sedated, or duct taped to chairs. The pictures don't even give the justice of the baby powder film on everything. We made them clean it up all by themselves.