Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 4 of hospital prison

Okay today did not start off well, but it did get better. They came in this morning and discontinued the mag sulfate and IV fluid. My IV was leaking they took out the IV and change the site to Hep Lock in my bother arm. So things were looking up. I was now FREE from the IV but still stuck on the contraction monitor. Doctor also told me that I could leave my room via w/c but had to stay on the floor. BTW I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a bus from an extremely uncomfortable night sleep every muscle in my body hurt and has all day long..I have non stop headaches and surprisingly my blood pressure was low. So Jack did take me to the outside prison on the floor with the 10 foot brick wall so you could not see anything but still nice to have a breeze and fresh air..I suppose. I basically slept all day and was The nurses and doctors here that never follow-up were pissing me off... Nurses never came back to see how headaches were etc MD said she would come back and never did etc...

I totally skipped a big part of the day...While I was out on my wheel chair adventure I did go get my daily ultrasound. I noticed that the u/s tech took a lot longer to look at "heart beats" than the one did yesterday. The nice thing was she did get the 3D thing out and attempted 3D face shots of babies A and C. Could not get any pics of B he was facing my back :-( It was still a nice little perk she did. She tells me at the end of the ultrasound heart rates A. 128 B. 135 C. 122...I ask about fluid and she kinda tries not to saying thing and just says well A's is still high and B's is low...B was not low yesterday... this is when it come to me asking the doctor what is going on and all the MD that come in here kept saying they haven't reviewed the u/s and would come back and never did.
....Back to how nurses and doctors here never follow-up care. The poor night nurse came in and I just went off! I told her about the headaches and my butt hurting from this bed...the fact that there is not a recliner or chair you can sit in to avoid numb ass from the bed and how I want to know what the hell is going on with my babies and someone needs to tell me something!!!!

She has been wonderful! I wish she could be my nurse all the time. Within 20minutes she was in the room with my UTI antibiotic and Furicet for my headache. 5 minutes later the tech was in here with an air mattress thing to put over the bed to make the bed a little softer. She then came back LIKE THEY SHOULD about an hour after the meds and asked how I was feeling. BTW much better now. She also got an order or Ambien to sleep if I need it. ANOTHER DOCTOR I have not met came in and did give me the details on the babies FINALLY!

This is what he said: Growth wise A. is in 85% B. is 20% and C. 60% He finally came out and said what I have know the whole time that there is a "possible" twin to twin transfusion" between A and B. Fluid volumes today on A was like 8.5 and B was 2.1. He says the parinatologist come in at 7am and all the MDs teachers/students will discuss "the case" and they will have a plan of action that I will apparently be informed of tomorrow as to when to intervene, watch, etc...

So I am a much happier person I also now have wonderful TED hose and SCD on on my legs to prevent blood clots and I sweat my butt off on my new air mattress...I am never happy lol..oh and I am starting a wonderful 24hr urine. Yea! lol now with all my new found wires and contraptions my poor husband is leaving tomorrow to take care of my daughter and I will get to annoy the staff all day long to help me take this crap on and off all day when I have to pee.

Okay I think I am done now...sorry for my crappy grammar and spelling I have no desire to proof read. I will update again if something changes.

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