Friday, July 31, 2009

Just spoke with the nurses taking care of the boys...ugh I don't know how this week will go. 2 weeks tomorrow and the infections are starting???!!! To start with Logan. I guess they decided to treat his PDA today. This could be one of the reasons for his pulmonary hypertension and his inability to improve and get off the vent. They just treat it with 3 does of Ibuprofen every 12 hours. This is suppose to help the duct close. He is still having more than normal drops in his oxygen. Jacob the only one who does not still have a PDA is doing fine. They are sill increasing his feedings. He is doing okay on 2liters of oxygen on nasal canula. Oh they stopped increasing Logan's feeds for now they stopped at 8cc. Jacob is at 13cc now and still going up 1cc every 12 hours. The nurse also said he had some eye crusty things so they are starting him on antibiotic eye drops. Andrew had a blood cx done last night and is having some breathing issues today. He is needing a little more help than usual. They started him on antibiotics. They are not treating his PDA yet...I don't know why.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Quick update: Andrew off c-pap this is the 3rd attempt of taking him off I hope it last. He is getting I think 19cc feedings now could be more since this afternoon. He is almost off IV fluids all together. Jacob is about the same feedings were at 11cc this afternoon. Logan not improving to much still has crappy blood gases with high c02 levels his feedings are at 4cc. Jack's parent's got to see them for the 1st time today.
New New update: I just called and spoke with there nurses... Andrew is back on c-pap AGAIN. his WBC was 15.2 they are going to do a blood cx they think he is developing an infection now. Poor little guy he is suppose to be the healthy one. I don't know if I mentioned it before. He is the only 1 I have been told has a PDA (Patent ductus arteriosus) but I am sure Logan must have 1 too because of his pulmonary hypertention. I was told they all 3 had murmurs. I am calling that freaking MD in the morning. They need to tell what the hell is acutally going on with them. Logan 02 was dropping alot tonight they think his tube is out of place. She said they wer going to order an x-ray to see what was going on. I don't know if I like his nurse. Poor guy had a new tube put in 2 night ago because it was time for it to be changed and was doing great. I guess after we left that night some how the tube was pulled out and she did not catch it right away (can't believe she admited that) so he had 2 tubes placed within a few hours of each other. Now the same nurse said she think the tube got pulled out to far again tonight. On a better note Jacob is still just hanging out not causing a whole lot of problems. I need to find out how big Andrew's PDA is and what they are doing about it. I think this is why he is having so many respitory issues compared to Jacob. They weighed them again both Andew and Jacob gained Andrew is still 2lbs 12oz but they go in grams and it was higher but can't remember exactly jabob is 2lbs 13oz Logan was not weighed due to his vent issues.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Holding babies!

Last night was the first time Jack and I got to go to the NICU since we came home and without Ava. The nurses last night were very nice. New spectacular new updates. Just all 3 have heart murmurs. Andrew I think is the only 1 confirmed with a PDA thus far. There is suppose to be follow up screening on all 3. Logan got a new tube to help him breath last night..I guess they replace them every 10 days. His O2 sats were at 98% last night, but I don't know how high his oxygen was set at. They had also just started an arterial IV when we got there :-( to monitor his blood pressure. His blood pressures are much better and he is still off the blood pressure meds! He just looks healthier. Andrew and Jacob are still about the same Jacob has been having more drops in his oxygen level than before though. They are all gaining weight. Logan is 2lbs 1.5oz, Andrew is 2lbs 10oz, Jacob 2lbs 12 oz. Jack held Jacob for the 1st time last night and I kangarooed with Andrew for the first time. He liked being down my shirt lmao. Haven't called for today's update yet, but Jack and I will be headed that way in a few hours. We like visiting on night shift better. Will post some new pics of them soon.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Short update 7-27-09

Today was the first time I had to make the hour drive (with my mommy because I can't drive yet :-( ) to Winnie Palmer from my house. It was not so bad of a drive today. I defiantly think we are all much more comfortable being home. No huge updates. I visited for about an hour today. Apparently it was a crazy day in that room today. When we walked in all the babies not just my babies alarms were going off. They all decided to drop their oxygen levels at the same time. All is well overall though.
Things I learned today:
Logan is continuing to do well on the conventional ventilator. His blood gases are continuing to be good and they are slowly weening him from it. Very slowly! He is getting 2cc feeds now and has gain around 40grams since birth. He is still off the dopamine and had his umbilical arterial line taken out. He is still desaturates at times but overall is doing okay.

Andrew apparently has a heart murmur that you can hear sometimes and not other times. He had an ECG done results yet :-( Hopefully the doctor will call with a full report tomorrow. He is continuing to gain weight. Almost back to his birth weight in grams can't remember the exact number at this moment but equivalent to 2lbs 9oz again. He is still on C-pap and really likes it apparently. He only had 2 heart decelerations today.

Jacob has been struggling a bit today. They tried to ween his oxygen level on his nasal canula from 2liters to 1.5 though a tiny change he did not like it. He has had a lot of decelerations today and desaturations. New news I found out on him that he ALSO apparently has a very prevalent heart murmur. He also got a ECG today. No result on that either. I hope they are just normal things that will heal themselves not requiring surgery.

My wonderful vertical incision c-section blah is still gross and makes me very sad when I look in the mirror. It is draining serous sanguineus fluid at the very bottom of it and the steri strips have fall off. There is still about 3/4inch separation at the bottom w/ some redness and edema. YUCK! I called Dr. Barrett and he said to watch it and call back if it was worse or looked like it had puss coming out. Lovely! Do you think I can get a free tummy tuck like Kate?

"Pump boobies" according to Ava is going well. I HATE IT ALREADY! I have not recovered from the year of pump boobies from Ava. I have finally dusted off and sanitized all the millions of breast pump parts I have from my old friend Mr. Ameda Elite. Ughh but once again we will pump and pump until they wont work anymore just like i did with Ava lol Maybe one of these kids will actually breast feed...Ava did not like mommy boobies lol. TMI! She did grossly get freshly pumped breast milk the other day and guzzle it down and scream for more! It was only a year ago when she told me Mommy NO! When we ended our breast feeding. I don't know why it grosses me out for her to want breast milk and not the babies. I guess because she is a big girl now. Oh well off to pump boobies...I feel like a machine.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

7-26-09 Finally in the same room!

Jacob opens his eyes :-D


We are going home today :-( but we will be back every night. Good news today is that they finally put all 3 boys in 1 room together. This makes it much easier to spend time with all 3.

Last night I got to hold Jacob for the 2nd time. He is more awake now and opens his eyes and grabs my finger. I was very worried last night while I was visiting with Jacob, Logan's blood pressure got really low and they had to increase his dopamine from 5mcg to 10mcg.

Sunday's updates are better: :-D

Like I said they are all in 1 room now

Logan still on 10mcg of dopamine for his blood pressure and they had to go from 30% to 34% on his oxygen on vent for low blood oxygen saturations but overall he is stable now. Dr. Brown wants to check a cordazone level on him to see if his pituitary I believes she said is producing enough. She thinks it may be low and that is the cause of his sudden blood pressure drop.

I don't know if I have metioned this already but they all had there 1 week old brain ultrasounds and they are all NORMAL no signs of any bleeds or any deformities!

Jacob continues to do very well. They are going to start increasing his feeding amounts every 12 hours. He continues to poop and maintain his heart rate and oxygen levels. Last night he weighed 2lbs 10oz.

Andrew the new resident to the developemenal room with his brothers :-D Is also improving. He was taken off the C-pap this morning. He has had about 3 heart decelerations and oxygen drops in the past few hours since they took them off the C-pap. Dr. Brown said it is expected because he is not used to not having the extra pressure from the C-pap and should adjust to the nasal canula again. The new issue with him is that the MD said she hears a small heart murmur. I know this is a normal thing with preemies and they usually close on there own. She said if she still hears it tomorrow they will get a formal cardiac ultrasound. Worst case after awhile if it does not close he will require surgery, but hopefully it will not come to that.

They are all 3 off the bake lamps now lol

Ava loves "her babies" and gets very upset when she can not touch them. Things are finally getting back to normal since she has been back around Jack and me more. She is not be as bad as she was the first few days and I am sure she will be very happy to be back at her home with her doggies lol.

I think that is it for updates. Please continue to pray for there growth and overall health. For Logan's Lungs and Andrew's heart now. Thank You to everyone who follows this blog and for all your support and prayers <3 Jennifer, Jack, and Ava

Friday, July 24, 2009

7-24-09 Things are looking up a little

Mommy and Jacob

All 3 babies were doing well. Nothing has changed much in the last 2 days . Andrew is still on C pap. His oxygen saturation has improved since yesterday. For the most part he has been around 95% today. Yesterday he was in the 80's and low 90's. Today he has only had 1 heart deceleration. They weighed him tonight. He has lost I think around 20grams she said this made him approx 2lbs 7oz. He was 2lbs 9oz when he was born so not to bad. Logan is still on the high frequency ventilator but at the lowest setting it can be at with a 21% oxygen setting which is equivalent to room air. Yesterday he also had lower oxygen rates in 80's for the most part. Today I was very happy to see that his settings had not change but his oxygen is at 94% both times I seen him today. He is off the lights now and is just resting. Both Andrew and Logan are tolerating there feeding very well Andrew gets 5cc every 3 hours and Logan gets 1cc every 3 hours. That is an increase for Logan he was getting his feeding every 4 hours. Jacob is doing really really well over the last couple days. He is doing so well that it almost scares me that everything can't truly be this good. He has been on nasal canula I think 3 days now. Today he moved from 3 liters of oxygen to 2 liters. He continues to maintain really good oxygen saturation in the upper 90's It was 96% tonight. I got to hold him for the 1st time last night. We sat and rocked for a good 40 minutes last night. The nurse was very nice and pulled the curtain so we had alone time together. He has had very few heart decelerations and has been very stable. Jacob and Andrew are both on lights for elevated biliruben. Jacob has actually gained weight! He gained a whole 6 grams lol but every little bit helps. He gets 2cc feedings every 3 hours. They are all 3 very active and doing great. LOL We did notice Jacob has his rather large skin tag on right ear. When little Logan catches up in growth we can tell Jacob apart. My mood is much better today. I am very happy with there progress. I just hope and pray they can continue to grow and breath on there own. I just pray they have no other complications and trust in God to get through all of this to have 3 healthy baby boys come home in a few months. Thank you for all your prayers they have very much been felt lately.
One last update I got the lovely staple out today at Dr. Barrett's office. all is well. I hope I do not have the same reaction I did last time to the tape. Can't drive for another week :-(

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Today the little guys are 5 days old. They all have their ups and downs today has overall been a good day. Yesterday I was discharged from Winnie Palmer it was a very sad and happy time. I wish I took more of an advantage to see the babies more often when they were just an elevator ride away. As miserable as I was when I was there not being able to see my daughter I am happy she is with me now. Every day as the babies struggle to make it to then next day I regret my decision to let them take them so early but then again I don't know how long Logan would have made it with no fluid. I once again know everything is in God's hands but every time I see there little bodies struggling to breath I wish there delivery could have waited.
We are staying at Ronald McDonald House until Sunday with so many other families that have babies and children in the hospital. I met a little boy tonight that was born at 26 weeks that was hospitalized for 5 months and had 6 surgeries. He wears glasses and is small for his age. He is 6 and is the size of a 4 year old, I am sure he has his struggles but looks healthy. I just continue to pray they LIVE and do not suffer and have the best life they can possibly have. I hope that there biggest struggle is getting past there respiratory issues and the rest is just growing and learning to eat.
I defiantly think the depression has set in. I want to be home and have everything go back to normal for Ava, but at the same time I do not want to leave my babies behind. It is hard being hear with Ava. We can not stay long in the NICU with her. She gets upset because she can not touch the babies and cries because she want me to hold her all the time, so we only get a few minutes at each babies bedside.
I talked with Jacob's nurse today and she said once he and the other babies become more stable I need to come up daily or every other day to do Kangaroo bonding or whatever she called it. This is were you hold them for at least an hour at a time skin to skin. I look forward to this. I only held Andrew for a short time and now he is in a state where he can not be held again.

Since we have Ava with us and we can't stay long when we all go. I went around 5pm to see the babies and Jack is over there now while I stay with Ava in the room. My latest updates I have is that Andrew is still on c pap and has the lights over his incubator but his bilirubian levels have went from 14 to 9 and his feeding have increased from 3cc to 4cc the nurse said she is still getting a little residual left in his belly but overall is doing well with the breast milk. He still has not had a bowel movement. Also he is very swollen his face, abdomen, hand and feet are puffy. The nurse said it is from the c pap. Jacob is doing very good today. When I seen him this morning he was on c pap still when I came back this evening he was on the nasal cannula like Andrew used to be. His O2 sats were kinda on the lower side of what they will let them be, but the nurse keeps saying he is doing fine. He is the only pooper she said he was also having some residual breast milk in between feedings and it had some green come back. She said they gave him something to help him poop and he had to big bowel movement YEA! for poop. He is also off of the light therapy. This evening was the first time I seen his face without a mask or tubes coming from his nose or mouth except for the feeding tube. He open his tiny little eyes for a few seconds. Logan is off the high frequency ventilator and back on the other one that breaths for him when he does not for himself. His O2 sats were also on the low end running around 83 to 84% He started 1cc feedings the other day and is doing okay. His lungs are looking much fuller and better and his blood gas looked okay too. The nurse said he is still on antibiotic but as off this morning there was no growth in the blood culture.
I go to the Dr. Barrett in Lakeland on Friday to have stables removed from incision. I am still very sore but and moving around much better. What sucks is you have to walk from R. M. House to the Winnie Palmer it is only 2 block, but is not a fun walk when you have a huge cut down the lower half of your abdomen. This is a nice place, but I feel uncomfortable hear and want to go home. I am sure once I am home I will want to be back.
I know this is going to be a VERY hard few months. I know I will have to go back to work before they come home and there will be times I can not see them every day. I cry every time I think of them not being with me. I chose to stay through Sunday so I know they will have enough breast milk just in case I can't come every day. I hope I am allow to drive after Friday. Friday I get staples out then I am going to get my car taken care of for the long drives. I am going to put new tires on an evil credit card and get my oil changed. I think it will be better for Ava to be home. I am going to try and find someone to watch her for a few hours every day and just make the drive over when the time comes to hold them etc. I just think it will be better and less stressful on her.
Jack has been wonderful through all of this. I just wish it would have not taken preterm labor for him to realize what a serious situation is was to keep them in as long as possible. Though it was probably the preterm labor that has saved there lives thus far. It is amazing how God works. I know Jack is under a lot of stress taking on the bulk of Ava's care, worrying about the babies and me. While trying to work when he can. I can't wait for the stressful days when we have 3 healthy babies screaming at one time at home thriving.
I will post more pictures when I get them uploaded. Thank you every one for all your prayers and words of encouragement. They are greatly appreciated and still needed. Please continue to pray our babies win this battle.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Today was a good day. Jill came up to visit. Thanks for the gifts Jill. The pain is still bad, but controlled a little better. Then my mom, sister, and Ava came up to see me. We bought Ava an "I'm a big sister" shirt. My sister got her shot records for me "Thank You" and we got to take her to see the babies. She was so cute. She gave the the nurse the breast milk and said hi and bye to all the babies and said she loved them. She cried when we left the babies. Then we escaped and went out to dinner. shhhh When I came back to my room I sat on the evil pump for a while and got a entire 2cc of breast milk lol. Then at 9pm we went back to NICU and I GOT TO HOLD ANDREW. I held him for about 20 minutes his heart rate dropped into the 60's while I held him and he started to loose his body temp so I put him back. Needless to say he has been stable except for his heart rate dropping every once and a while. Jacob got taken off his ventilator today and was put on just nasal cannula. He only tolerated this for about and hour and was then put on B-Pap. I was told he might have to be put back on the ventilator but we will see. Logan is still on a ventilator but they have been slowly reducing the amount of pure oxygen he is own from 100% to 75% he is still stable. He is also under a light for elevated bilirubin and Jacob is too. I am suppose to be discharge tomorrow, but since I am expressing such small amount of breast milk and they are begging me for it up there I am going to stay at Ronald McDonald house until I can get a good supply for them. They still need lots of prayers but they are doing very well for 2 day old preemies. Thank you everyone for your prayers and support.

The Triplets are here!

ANDREW WILLIAM 1:55pm 2lbs 9oz
Jacob Ryan 1:54pm 2lbs 8oz

Logan Christopher 1:53pm 1lb 14oz

Sorry it has taken so long to update. 7/18/09 was the big day. MD came into my room about 7am and told he thought it was best for Logan if we delivered due to his non-existing fluid level and his heart rate decelerated several times over the night. Jack left work and my mom was already here with me. They took us to PACU around 11am. After many IV sticks to get an 18g in my arm instead of a 20 and a crappy epidural...they finally took me in to operating room and did 1st cut at 1:47pm. Shortly after they let Jack in the room. As soon as they started cutting I told the Jacob sleeping on vent that I could still feel sharp stabbing pains by belly button where they were cutting after a few minutes I was screaming at them then next they I know I wake up and they told me everything was done and that Jack and the babies were all in the NICU. I never got to see them be born due to stupid anesthesiologist student did not check epidural line to make sure it was still working before they cut. I was told it "kinked" in my spine when I was transferred from bed to OR table. So they gave me a conscious sedation since they could not get epidural to work. I sat in recovery until about 6:30pm. 2 nurses took me to NICU on a stetcher to see all 3 babies and then I go to the new room around 7:302pm
As for the babies: Logan who was "baby B" came out first he was the one that was considered stuck with no fluid. Dr said they had to take him now because he could died at anytime and he did not think Logan would have made it another week. He was actually bigger than expected at 1lb 140z and 13 inches long.
Jacob was 2nd to be born weighed in less than expected at 2lbs 8oz 15 inches long
Andrew last to come out weighed in at 2lbs 9oz and 15 inches long.
All 3 babies were stable by the time I seen them. Logan and Jacob needed help breathing and were intibated on ventilators. Andrew was breathing on his own and only required the use of a nasal cannula. All 3 were stable once in NICU.
Today I pumped for the first time and went down to the NICU around 11am. Ava and Shelia came up to visit and see the babies. I have not had good pain control the entire time since I have left out of the OR. NO ONE could get an IV in me that stayed for than 30 minutes. I was in so much pain I didn't want to talk to anyone. I was also given by mouth and IM shots and nothing could keep the pain away
Today Andrew got his 1st bath still breathing on his own. He alls continues to breath on his own. He started 3cc food tube feeding every 3 hours
Jacobs ventilator was turned down to a setting where he does most of the breathing on his own
Logan is still stable but not doing wonderful. They changed his ventilator to a different kind where it breaths for him so he can rest. He is also getting photo therapy and pain meds.
Well I am falling asleep writing this so I will update everyone later. Sorry for misspellings I can't stay awake and continue to doses while I writ[

Friday, July 17, 2009

Update to my update

So around 2pm today the nurse comes in and tells me I am NPO and that I can not eat or drink and the doctor should be in soon that they "might" deliver me anxious, nervous, and upset I call a few people to let them know...but reminding them it could be another false alarm I sit and wait for MD.
Then nurse comes in and tells me they are taking me back to u/s to repeat BPP on baby B and if it is 4/8 again or less they will deliver tonight and if back to 6/8 sit and wait some more.
So after I bragged yesterday that I was IV and monitor free....I get a new IV with IV fluid on a lovely pump and pole due to NPO status. I go to u/s and the first thing I see when she looks at baby B is HICCUPS (btw this counts as "breathing" and this is what caused him to get a 4/8 earlier because this is what he was not doing) so the selfish inpatient part of me that is tired of sitting here and dreadfully misses her baby girl things DAMN delivery now!
So I go back to my room and Jack's Aunt Sheila and his cousin Hailey have dropped everything they were doing and came to see me so I can see Ava. I AM EXTREMELY GRATEFUL FOR THEM BOTH! THANK YOU! They stayed for awhile and of course no doctor yet and they leave
6:45 PM Dr. Lipton finally comes in and talks with around the bush like she always does and basically pawns off every question and says it is for the high risk doctors..who I never see to answer. She is a resident MD btw. So I sit here and ponder some more about how long can they put this off. I totally understand the longer they are in there is better, but when does it come a point to deliver before there are bad complications with B or A? I feel that God put them in there and they all deserve an equal chance at life and that B should not have to die or suffer to improve A and C chances.

Now for the past hour or so I have had contractions every 3 minutes or so...they are getting stronger but I have been bolused with fluid and have taken the dreaded Vistaril, but maybe it is for the best that I sleep for the next 16 hours!

2 weeks in hosp. Growth U/S 27 weeks 6 days today

So has happy as I should be, yet disturbed. They have taken my IV out (for now) and they stopped monitoring the baby B 24/7. Though I was miserable and tired of the belts cutting into my back and round circles on my belly that became quite painful, I would rather know my baby has a good heart beat still. They are only putting baby and contraction monitor 3x a day for 20 minutes. I slept w/o the monitor last night and put it back on this morning and was on it for about and hour and the nurse actually came in the room and turned it off because I was on it "to long" GOD FORBID HE DECELERATED ANY OTHER TIME!

Why this disturbs me: I had my growth ultrasound today for weight etc.
A. (Jacob) measures at 2lbs 11oz and 28 weeks 3 days in size his fluid has maintained around 12ish for the last 3 days now YEAH! BPP normal at 8/8....though I did not get the weeks measurement 2 weeks ago apparently he has had no weight gain in 2 week last weight was est. at 2lbs 12oz
B. (Logan) Poor little guy just looks so sickly and anorexic on the ultrasound. His est. weight is 1lb 10oz though the tech said due to the very low fluid she was unsure how accurate it was because he is hard to see. measures t 25 weeks 6 days and his fluid today was 0.7cm BPP (which I am sure I will have the joy of having it redone later today) was 4/8 due to low fluid and not making breathing motions.

C. (Andrew) LOL the normal child is fine. His weight was est. at 2lbs 9oz and measures at 27 weeks and 4days. His BPP 8/8 and his fluid level was 4.28

Haven't talked to the doctor yet about what the plan is. I just wonder how long they are going to let B sit in there not growing in no fluid! I will be 28 weeks tomorrow I know they were trying to at least get past that point. I just don't know what to think anymore. I know I will be upset if they die from coming out to soon and prob more upset if B dies from not coming out. Such a hard call but I honestly think he has a better chance being delivered at this point than staying in. Oh well not up to me I suppose. All in God's hands. Thank you everyone for all your support and words of encouragement.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Amnio number 2

So we went to U/S around 11am. BPPs are same as yesterday A.8 B.6 C.8. Dr. Carlan did amnio went much better than last time. He actually numbed me enough that I did not feel needs going into uterus....unlike last time. Same as last time he used 2 needles and used big 1 liter vacuum bottles. He stopped at 2300cc this time because the cramping and contractions started. Kinda disappointed he did not get as much off as last time...but if what happen last time was going to happen again I am glad he didn't. He did reduce the fluid to 11. Baby B virtually has NO FLUID left. It measured less than 1cm. He said if I was a little farther he would have delivered me by now. Basically we sit on continuous heart rate monitor for baby B and just sit and wait and pray we can make it another week or 2 without issues. I do feel a little better not so much pressure when I move, just sore where they stuck me. When I got back to the room after the amnio the contraction pain did get bad. 1mg dilaudid and whatever they gave me for contractions knocked me out for a nice long nap for oh 7 hours or so. All is well though and we continue to truck along and pray for 28 weeks to come soon and then maybe 29 or 30 lol.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 10 in baby prison

So the imprisonment continues lol. Was suppose to go for another amnio reduction today but ultrasound did not come until 5pm today and supposedly the doctors had went home. So, apparently it will be done tomorrow. Apparently baby B "The Stuck one" heart rate decelerated today for about 4 minutes a few times. So I sit in this bed my butt hurts. I have on heart rate monitor, contraction monitor, ted hose, SCD compression pump for legs, the oh so wonderful blood pressure monitor, and a non-rebreather oxygen mask. Oh and my right wrist has as very painful IV in it that only took 10 tries to get. :-D Fluid levels today A. 21 B. 1.5 C. 3.6 Biophysical profiles were A. 8 out of 8 B. 6 because of low fluid level C. 8. I am waiting for doctor to get in here still (they usually show up around midnight) I will update more tomorrow after everything is done.

Friday, July 10, 2009

1 weeks at Winnie Palmer

Well lets see what has happened since Monday which I believe I have written about already. Tuesday I slept all day from the effects of all the meds I had to take on Monday. Tuesday's ultrasound all babies scored 8 out of 8 on BPPs. A fluid level was at 9 or 10 and B's was just above 2.

Wednesday was another scary day it was another day where they worried they might have to take them again. B scored 4 out of 8 on BPP while the other 2 scored 8. B's fluid level measure at 1.5 and he was not making any "breathing" movements. So, they decided to place me out a heart monitor to monitor his heart rate. They repeated the scan on him later that after noon and got the same results 4. So I sat on the stupid monitor all night long..with the nurse coming in every 30 minutes or so to refind his heart beat I was forced to sleep in 1 spot on my back all night. Ava did get to come visit me for a few hours with her uncle Rob..this made the day a little better!

Thursday wasn't so bad they did not get me for ultrasound until around 2 I think. All 3 babies scored 8 out of 8 again. NO MORE HEART MONITOR! Then late Thursday night I noticed I was having some contractions that started coming every 5 minutes or so.. I also had been having this pressure feeling with burning like uti but urine was fine when they tested it. BTW baby A's fluid was at like 14 again by now. B's fluid stayed around 2. So they gave be a bolus of LR and 100 mg of Visteril. This did the trick and the contractions stopped but they pelvic pain and pressure and burning still there. He did check to see if I was still dilating and I was the same at 3cm.

FRIDAY THE VISTERIL KICKED MY BUTT! They woke me up at 7am and made me eat breakfast so I could go to ultrasound. I took a shower while I waited for the food to come. Slept in the shower, slept in my breakfast, slept through ultrasound, then went back to my room and slept for the most part until 4pm! Once again all BPP were 8. A's fluid is at 18! So I am waiting to see what they are going to do about the fluid. Everything else was fine. Jack and Ava came to visit around 5:30 and stayed until 9. We escaped via w/c and went down the road and got pizza shhh! Now I am sitting here in quite the bad mood. Stuck on the contraction monitor everything annoys me. Sick of the phone ringing. That is really not even what is annoying. Gas noises like burping and farting piss me off...I sat on hold trying to get a PBJ sandwich for 1o minutes that pissed me off...then they brought me the wrong sandwich and had to sit on hold again grrr. Oh and they are checking blood sugar 5x a day and some of the stupid techs are sticking you in the center of my finger. FUCK that hurts! Now my mom is farting in her sleep snoring and has the air jacked down to 60! I hope I wake up on the right side of the bed tomorrow.

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 6th Amnio=bad!

Okay I am attempting to type through a foggy head of mag sulfate once more...sorry if I don't make since.
This morning I woke up looking forward to a nice quite day, breakfast and a shower. I waited for the new nurse to come on shift to flush IV so I could cover it and go to shower. I order breakfast and watched Jack pack to go home to get Ava. Jack left...I was eating breakfast and then the nurse came and told me they had called for me to go to ultrasound. I ended vomiting up everything I ate for breakfast as transport came to take me to u/s. So, I go to u/s. The tech is checking heart tones and fluid levels...she get a call saying MD has changed orders to get BPP (biophysical profiles) on all the babies as well. The heart rates were good, I can't remember what they were now and I was feeling great except for the pain I was having on my lower right side where baby A thing I know the tech comes back in and tells me the MD wants to do an amniocentesis and pull the extra fluid off of A. I have a consent form given to me giving me all the risks of having it done and I am at the hospital alone. Dr. came in and explained to me the ttts was getting bad that A's fluid measured above 17 in its largest pocket while B sat just under 2. Baby A also had was is called hydrops which is an accumulation of fluid within the baby's tissues. This is very bad and many babies that develop this can die from heart failure. So the doctor tells me that the theory is by pulling the fluid off on A it will help stabilize the pressure between the 2 babies so the blood will flow more equally between the 2. The risk of having the procedure done was preterm labor, ruptured membranes, infection, and placental abruption. The risk of doing nothing was risking A and B possibly dying or delivering them now anyways and them only have a 67% survival rate w/o complications....I pray about it and decide to go on with the procedure.
Dr. Carlan sticks 2 large 18 gage needles through my stomach and uterus into the amniotic fluid sac of A. He ultimately drained over 3600ml of fluid off of the baby and the pocket size from baby a went from 17 to 9. I started experiencing really bad cramping pains all over my abdomen and back then strong contractions and tenderness all over. MD thought I might be about to have a placental abruption from taking off so much fluid.....I am rushed to the L & D triage area as I scream in pain down the hall and the are constantly looking via u/s at the placenta and heart rates of a and b. After about 45 minutes of non stop excruciating pain I was finally given 1 mg dilaudid and a bunch of other drugs to relax uterus and stop contractions. In the mean time just in case they started prepping me for an emergency c-section IV's foley and sign consents and blood draws. I did stabilize before this happened and MD decided he thought the risk of an abruption was not as serious at this point. So after about 1 1/2 in triage I was sent back to my room. I was given more meds for pain and things to stop the contractions. The evil mag sulfate drip is back and I have my 3rd new IV in 2 days! grr. I have slept all day and feel tiny contractions still, but nothing like this morning. I am feeling some movements from babies non from where A is but I think I have felt B move now. So now I just wait for the u/s in the morning to see what is next.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 4 of hospital prison

Okay today did not start off well, but it did get better. They came in this morning and discontinued the mag sulfate and IV fluid. My IV was leaking they took out the IV and change the site to Hep Lock in my bother arm. So things were looking up. I was now FREE from the IV but still stuck on the contraction monitor. Doctor also told me that I could leave my room via w/c but had to stay on the floor. BTW I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a bus from an extremely uncomfortable night sleep every muscle in my body hurt and has all day long..I have non stop headaches and surprisingly my blood pressure was low. So Jack did take me to the outside prison on the floor with the 10 foot brick wall so you could not see anything but still nice to have a breeze and fresh air..I suppose. I basically slept all day and was The nurses and doctors here that never follow-up were pissing me off... Nurses never came back to see how headaches were etc MD said she would come back and never did etc...

I totally skipped a big part of the day...While I was out on my wheel chair adventure I did go get my daily ultrasound. I noticed that the u/s tech took a lot longer to look at "heart beats" than the one did yesterday. The nice thing was she did get the 3D thing out and attempted 3D face shots of babies A and C. Could not get any pics of B he was facing my back :-( It was still a nice little perk she did. She tells me at the end of the ultrasound heart rates A. 128 B. 135 C. 122...I ask about fluid and she kinda tries not to saying thing and just says well A's is still high and B's is low...B was not low yesterday... this is when it come to me asking the doctor what is going on and all the MD that come in here kept saying they haven't reviewed the u/s and would come back and never did.
....Back to how nurses and doctors here never follow-up care. The poor night nurse came in and I just went off! I told her about the headaches and my butt hurting from this bed...the fact that there is not a recliner or chair you can sit in to avoid numb ass from the bed and how I want to know what the hell is going on with my babies and someone needs to tell me something!!!!

She has been wonderful! I wish she could be my nurse all the time. Within 20minutes she was in the room with my UTI antibiotic and Furicet for my headache. 5 minutes later the tech was in here with an air mattress thing to put over the bed to make the bed a little softer. She then came back LIKE THEY SHOULD about an hour after the meds and asked how I was feeling. BTW much better now. She also got an order or Ambien to sleep if I need it. ANOTHER DOCTOR I have not met came in and did give me the details on the babies FINALLY!

This is what he said: Growth wise A. is in 85% B. is 20% and C. 60% He finally came out and said what I have know the whole time that there is a "possible" twin to twin transfusion" between A and B. Fluid volumes today on A was like 8.5 and B was 2.1. He says the parinatologist come in at 7am and all the MDs teachers/students will discuss "the case" and they will have a plan of action that I will apparently be informed of tomorrow as to when to intervene, watch, etc...

So I am a much happier person I also now have wonderful TED hose and SCD on on my legs to prevent blood clots and I sweat my butt off on my new air mattress...I am never happy lol..oh and I am starting a wonderful 24hr urine. Yea! lol now with all my new found wires and contraptions my poor husband is leaving tomorrow to take care of my daughter and I will get to annoy the staff all day long to help me take this crap on and off all day when I have to pee.

Okay I think I am done now...sorry for my crappy grammar and spelling I have no desire to proof read. I will update again if something changes.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


So on Thursday July 2nd my husband and I were going about our day as normal. I had been having so low abdominal pain and back pain (like I have been having for weeks and my doc said was normal) and some cramping in my hips needless to say I was miserable. By Thursday night around 8pm I noticed just from walking around the house and doing lite house work that I was getting tightening in the top of my stomach and not just the intermentine pain in low abdominal and back like better to safe than sorry I called and spoke with the MD on call for my doctor and told him about the irregular inconsistent pain in my abdominal and back thinking it was Braxston hix and he tells me to come to L&D triage to be placed on the monitor just to see what is going on. By the way at this point I was 25 weeks and 5 days....I take a shower and the pain is gone. I almost decided not to go but decided I better go check because I am paranoid.

L & D Triage: I get in there at like 10pm I let the nurse know I am no longer feeling contractions get in the the lovely gown. They attempt to monitor all 3 babies heart beats and then put the contraction monitor on. Within a few minutes they tell me nothing and say I better call the Dr in assume it was to get help placing baby monitor things because they were having a hard time picking them up. They come back with a portable ultrasound MD finds placement of all 3 babies on heart tone thing then tells me he is going to check my I assume the position. Totally expecting him to tell me I am closed and I am having braxston hix he looks up at me and says your 2-3 cm dilated and about 70% effaced. So now I think shit! I am not going anywhere this sucks! So he goes into the spiel of preterm labor and how 25-26 week babies do and that they will prob get transferred to a different hospital, but first they would try and stop my labor and if they were able to stop it I would be shipped to a hospital with a level 3 nicu....

To make my already long story short..they put me on a mag sulfate drip. Strict bed rest Foley and all kinds on monitors..I stay at LRMC until like 10am I was checked I was at 3cm and then I was taken by ambulance "lights and siren" fun fun all the way to Winnie Palmer Hospital in Orlando, FL one of the LRMC L & D nurses road along just in case.... I sat in the Winnie Palmer triage for hours finally 4hrs into my stay a MD finally comes to see me..painful pelvic...still 3cm....finally around 4-5pm I was taken to my dungeon where I will live until my babies are born. I have had a total of 2 steroid shots 24hrs apart 1 in each butt cheek to help mature babies lungs. Had an ultrasound done yesterday in the triage area baby A Jacob weighs in at a whopping 2lb 12oz with a fluid volume of 8! B Logan our little hamster is 1lb 8oz with a fluid level of 3.9 and C Andrew was 2lbs 2oz and his fluid level was at 3.6.
Today is Saturday July 4th. I sit here in my dungeon with my new found Internet which makes me feel a little more happy about the possibility of being here for a very long time.. they are doing daily ultrasound and I am still on my mag drip. It makes me feel horrible. I feel hot and extremely tired all the time. Heart beats A. 125 B. 136 C. 121 I got to see my baby for the first time since I left her at home on Thursday night. I miss her so much. My mom, dad, and sister drove from AL just in case they were in a panic when we though we might have to deliver 26 weeks babies. Now it is just a sit and wait game...I sit and sit sand sleep and take hourly Blood pressures and record my input and urine output. I sit on the mag drip. I have had no contractions that I have felt anyways since early yesterday morning.