Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My babies 1st days of school 3 seperate days for us!

Jacob's 1st day of school at Achievement Academy 8/6/12. Naturally he slept though it.

Last minute Achievement Academy had an opening for Andrew so instead of him starting ESE preschool at Ava's school he joined Jacob at his school....as you can tell they were thrilled. LOL

Andrew's "What did I do wrong" face when I was yelling at him to stay still for this picture. His 1st day at Achievement Academy was 8/10/12

Big sister Ava walked him to class. She is a great big sister!

The boys started school 2 weeks before the rest of the public schools...so today, the day that the public school started he had his 1st wheel chair lift and bus ride 8/20/12..he slept through this too.

Andrew was and still is super excited about riding the bus. He did not even cry...not on his 1st bus ride or his 1st day of school.

Bye Mom! I'm a big boy now!

The bus leaving from infront of our house with my baby boys in it...I could not help but realize I should have been sending 4 children off to school this day not 3.

Getting ready to take my big Kindergardener to her 1st day of school 8/20/12

Not even a tear from this big girl. Mommy was sad I could not walk her to class...she has to be dropped off before the bus picks her brothers up, so they have to come along for the ride and the car rider line..blah NOT A FAN of the car rider line so far.

Someone that is not Ava's mommy walking my baby to class :-(
They all had great 1st day of school and so far really enjoy going. I am LOVING the peace and quiet and quality time with baby Hannah.

Andrew and Jacob's 3rd Birthday Party

Didn't have quite the extravagant party we usually do, but the boys enjoy their little party especially Mickey Mouse!
We had their party on their actual Birthday but it was late in the day after daddy came home from work. I ordered pizza for everyone. We had Aunt Fiki, Michael and Gavin come over. Also, Grandma and Grandpa Gunter came with Uncle Matt with loads of gifts. Andrew got the Dancing Mickey from us. Jacob got the Mickey Mouse DVD with the remote. The small mickey came from Jacob's speech therapist. Logan made his appearence in the picture since it was his Birthday too :-)

Cake came from Publix Andrew still takes the toon plane everywhere with him.

Andrew blowing out the Candles for himself and his brother.

Jacob also got a new custom headrest for his seat2go. Made by his Great Aunt Sheila's work. I padded and covered it in the Mickey fabric. He loved eatting the frosting on the cake

I put this up in the boys' room. I love it!

Jacob got a new Special Tomato chair! He loves it and sits much better in it than his Tumble Form 2 chair.