Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Amnio number 2

So we went to U/S around 11am. BPPs are same as yesterday A.8 B.6 C.8. Dr. Carlan did amnio went much better than last time. He actually numbed me enough that I did not feel needs going into uterus....unlike last time. Same as last time he used 2 needles and used big 1 liter vacuum bottles. He stopped at 2300cc this time because the cramping and contractions started. Kinda disappointed he did not get as much off as last time...but if what happen last time was going to happen again I am glad he didn't. He did reduce the fluid to 11. Baby B virtually has NO FLUID left. It measured less than 1cm. He said if I was a little farther he would have delivered me by now. Basically we sit on continuous heart rate monitor for baby B and just sit and wait and pray we can make it another week or 2 without issues. I do feel a little better not so much pressure when I move, just sore where they stuck me. When I got back to the room after the amnio the contraction pain did get bad. 1mg dilaudid and whatever they gave me for contractions knocked me out for a nice long nap for oh 7 hours or so. All is well though and we continue to truck along and pray for 28 weeks to come soon and then maybe 29 or 30 lol.

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