Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

Easter bunny hid eggs outside after filling the baskets. Avant found $5!!! In 1 of her eggs.

Ava lost her 2nd baby tooth this month

On 4/17 once again while at school she wiggled out her 2nd tooth. They gave her another little case for her tooth. Unfortunately while at lunch she lost the tooth from its case and never found it. The tooth fairy still came and let her know on another tiny note that they were able to go to the cafeteria and find the tooth and brought her another $1. This time the note and $1 had glitter all over it. She was very excited.

 1st tooth lost 4/4/14

2nd tooth lost 4/17/14

Friday, April 4, 2014

Ava lost her 1st tooth today at school!

I noticed the other day that her adult teeth were growing in and that 1 of her baby teeth was about to fall out, but she wouldn't let me touch it.

Today she came home from school with a little container shaped like a tooth because she lost her 1st little tooth in class. ♡
My baby is not allowed to be this big yet!