Monday, July 27, 2009

Short update 7-27-09

Today was the first time I had to make the hour drive (with my mommy because I can't drive yet :-( ) to Winnie Palmer from my house. It was not so bad of a drive today. I defiantly think we are all much more comfortable being home. No huge updates. I visited for about an hour today. Apparently it was a crazy day in that room today. When we walked in all the babies not just my babies alarms were going off. They all decided to drop their oxygen levels at the same time. All is well overall though.
Things I learned today:
Logan is continuing to do well on the conventional ventilator. His blood gases are continuing to be good and they are slowly weening him from it. Very slowly! He is getting 2cc feeds now and has gain around 40grams since birth. He is still off the dopamine and had his umbilical arterial line taken out. He is still desaturates at times but overall is doing okay.

Andrew apparently has a heart murmur that you can hear sometimes and not other times. He had an ECG done results yet :-( Hopefully the doctor will call with a full report tomorrow. He is continuing to gain weight. Almost back to his birth weight in grams can't remember the exact number at this moment but equivalent to 2lbs 9oz again. He is still on C-pap and really likes it apparently. He only had 2 heart decelerations today.

Jacob has been struggling a bit today. They tried to ween his oxygen level on his nasal canula from 2liters to 1.5 though a tiny change he did not like it. He has had a lot of decelerations today and desaturations. New news I found out on him that he ALSO apparently has a very prevalent heart murmur. He also got a ECG today. No result on that either. I hope they are just normal things that will heal themselves not requiring surgery.

My wonderful vertical incision c-section blah is still gross and makes me very sad when I look in the mirror. It is draining serous sanguineus fluid at the very bottom of it and the steri strips have fall off. There is still about 3/4inch separation at the bottom w/ some redness and edema. YUCK! I called Dr. Barrett and he said to watch it and call back if it was worse or looked like it had puss coming out. Lovely! Do you think I can get a free tummy tuck like Kate?

"Pump boobies" according to Ava is going well. I HATE IT ALREADY! I have not recovered from the year of pump boobies from Ava. I have finally dusted off and sanitized all the millions of breast pump parts I have from my old friend Mr. Ameda Elite. Ughh but once again we will pump and pump until they wont work anymore just like i did with Ava lol Maybe one of these kids will actually breast feed...Ava did not like mommy boobies lol. TMI! She did grossly get freshly pumped breast milk the other day and guzzle it down and scream for more! It was only a year ago when she told me Mommy NO! When we ended our breast feeding. I don't know why it grosses me out for her to want breast milk and not the babies. I guess because she is a big girl now. Oh well off to pump boobies...I feel like a machine.

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