Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Jacob lost his 2nd tooth today

Jacob lost his 1st tooth about 2 weeks ago. We didn't discover it until we were at speech therapy. The therapist says "When did Jacob loose a tooth?" My response was "Jacob is missing a tooth?" I had just brushed his teeth the night before and it wastill there. I didn't even notice it was loose. We are in his mouth all the time for brushing oral stimulation for feedin therapy, and during feeds of course. We noticed the next day his other bottom tooth was loose and both front teeth. A few days ago we seen 1 of his adult teeth growing in. I was playing with his tooth this morning trying to get it out...I dropped him off at school and told them it was really loose and be was trying to use his tongue to get at it. Apparently with the help of 1 of his classroom aids Destiny he finally got that 2nd tooth out. My babies are growing to fast.

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