Friday, July 24, 2009

7-24-09 Things are looking up a little

Mommy and Jacob

All 3 babies were doing well. Nothing has changed much in the last 2 days . Andrew is still on C pap. His oxygen saturation has improved since yesterday. For the most part he has been around 95% today. Yesterday he was in the 80's and low 90's. Today he has only had 1 heart deceleration. They weighed him tonight. He has lost I think around 20grams she said this made him approx 2lbs 7oz. He was 2lbs 9oz when he was born so not to bad. Logan is still on the high frequency ventilator but at the lowest setting it can be at with a 21% oxygen setting which is equivalent to room air. Yesterday he also had lower oxygen rates in 80's for the most part. Today I was very happy to see that his settings had not change but his oxygen is at 94% both times I seen him today. He is off the lights now and is just resting. Both Andrew and Logan are tolerating there feeding very well Andrew gets 5cc every 3 hours and Logan gets 1cc every 3 hours. That is an increase for Logan he was getting his feeding every 4 hours. Jacob is doing really really well over the last couple days. He is doing so well that it almost scares me that everything can't truly be this good. He has been on nasal canula I think 3 days now. Today he moved from 3 liters of oxygen to 2 liters. He continues to maintain really good oxygen saturation in the upper 90's It was 96% tonight. I got to hold him for the 1st time last night. We sat and rocked for a good 40 minutes last night. The nurse was very nice and pulled the curtain so we had alone time together. He has had very few heart decelerations and has been very stable. Jacob and Andrew are both on lights for elevated biliruben. Jacob has actually gained weight! He gained a whole 6 grams lol but every little bit helps. He gets 2cc feedings every 3 hours. They are all 3 very active and doing great. LOL We did notice Jacob has his rather large skin tag on right ear. When little Logan catches up in growth we can tell Jacob apart. My mood is much better today. I am very happy with there progress. I just hope and pray they can continue to grow and breath on there own. I just pray they have no other complications and trust in God to get through all of this to have 3 healthy baby boys come home in a few months. Thank you for all your prayers they have very much been felt lately.
One last update I got the lovely staple out today at Dr. Barrett's office. all is well. I hope I do not have the same reaction I did last time to the tape. Can't drive for another week :-(

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