Friday, July 10, 2009

1 weeks at Winnie Palmer

Well lets see what has happened since Monday which I believe I have written about already. Tuesday I slept all day from the effects of all the meds I had to take on Monday. Tuesday's ultrasound all babies scored 8 out of 8 on BPPs. A fluid level was at 9 or 10 and B's was just above 2.

Wednesday was another scary day it was another day where they worried they might have to take them again. B scored 4 out of 8 on BPP while the other 2 scored 8. B's fluid level measure at 1.5 and he was not making any "breathing" movements. So, they decided to place me out a heart monitor to monitor his heart rate. They repeated the scan on him later that after noon and got the same results 4. So I sat on the stupid monitor all night long..with the nurse coming in every 30 minutes or so to refind his heart beat I was forced to sleep in 1 spot on my back all night. Ava did get to come visit me for a few hours with her uncle Rob..this made the day a little better!

Thursday wasn't so bad they did not get me for ultrasound until around 2 I think. All 3 babies scored 8 out of 8 again. NO MORE HEART MONITOR! Then late Thursday night I noticed I was having some contractions that started coming every 5 minutes or so.. I also had been having this pressure feeling with burning like uti but urine was fine when they tested it. BTW baby A's fluid was at like 14 again by now. B's fluid stayed around 2. So they gave be a bolus of LR and 100 mg of Visteril. This did the trick and the contractions stopped but they pelvic pain and pressure and burning still there. He did check to see if I was still dilating and I was the same at 3cm.

FRIDAY THE VISTERIL KICKED MY BUTT! They woke me up at 7am and made me eat breakfast so I could go to ultrasound. I took a shower while I waited for the food to come. Slept in the shower, slept in my breakfast, slept through ultrasound, then went back to my room and slept for the most part until 4pm! Once again all BPP were 8. A's fluid is at 18! So I am waiting to see what they are going to do about the fluid. Everything else was fine. Jack and Ava came to visit around 5:30 and stayed until 9. We escaped via w/c and went down the road and got pizza shhh! Now I am sitting here in quite the bad mood. Stuck on the contraction monitor everything annoys me. Sick of the phone ringing. That is really not even what is annoying. Gas noises like burping and farting piss me off...I sat on hold trying to get a PBJ sandwich for 1o minutes that pissed me off...then they brought me the wrong sandwich and had to sit on hold again grrr. Oh and they are checking blood sugar 5x a day and some of the stupid techs are sticking you in the center of my finger. FUCK that hurts! Now my mom is farting in her sleep snoring and has the air jacked down to 60! I hope I wake up on the right side of the bed tomorrow.

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