Saturday, July 14, 2012

This is going to be 1 very LONG post

The past month has been very busy for us. Going to try and go in order the events happened.

Ava's 5 year old check up....I made the mistake of telling her about the 3 shots she was going to get before the appointment. So, 1st she would not go into the office. Then once we got back there and she had to get undressed...the fit throwing started. She thought if she did not have to take her cloths off she would not get a shot. So, I had to force her to get undressed and put the gown on. I will let the following pictures speak for themselves.
So, this is how it started...mad that I made her put the gown on...

So, then we take are gown off and cry naked and demand to have cloths back

Then why not get under the exam table and cry? This is where her doctor found her....
She was 43 1/2 inches which I believe was in the 69% and 54 pounds putting her in the 96%. We discussed her weight and eating habits and blood work was ordered. The blood work came back with her thyroid levels low and antibodies she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and started on Synthroid. She tested Andrew a few days later and he was fine. So now me, Jacob and Ava all take synthroid.

Last week I took Ava skating for the 1st time. We are trying to do things to be more active together.

The kids and I went to Groveland for the 4th of July. The fireworks were delayed and hour, but overall we had a great time. Andrew loved the loud noise and Hannah didn't seem to mind it. Jacob jumped and kept his eyes closed the entire time.
All the kids rocked the flag shirts

Fire with daddy

Party poopers

Andrew...must be restrained...LOL the reason for the triple stroller.

Jacob had his nissen fundoplication done on July 5th. Andrew and Ava stayed with my parents in a condo on the beach (they happened to be in Florida on vacation during his surgery) Hannah stayed with Jack and I at the hospital with Jacob. The 1st day was hard on that baby, but after that it was pretty smooth sailing. We left on the 5th day. He did not come home on any pain medication and only cries when he goes in to his dry heaving...which is once or twice a day. I know it has to hurt him when he does it. It has been wonderful not to have to clean vomit for a week!  He is on full feeds again and overall doing wonderful! I'm excited to see how he does in the coming months! We go next Tuesday for a followup with the surgeon.

This was taken the day we went home
Yesterday's events consisted of me taking Hannah for her 2 month old shots and check up and the office turning me away telling me Hannah was not on Jack's insurance...apparently someone in his business office forgot to click the button to make her now I have to go back on Monday. I also had Andrew IEP meet for him to start ESE preschool this fall..yep that means all 3 bigger kids go to school next year! He barely qualified. He had to be "significantly delayed" in at least 1 area. which is a score under 70. He had a 67 in personal care which covers potty training, dressing himself and self feeding. Everything else he had an 80 or above which was considered normal. They said at any point the teach can request testing for him to leave the ESE that mean when he learns how to potty train and eat (he is so stubborn) I will loose my free daily baby sitter..that sounds horrible! I really think he can benefit from being in a structured class environment and just to get out of the house!  YAY for me!!! I think it will be great for them. I will end my post with some random picture. :-) I can't believe the triplets will be 3 in just a few days!

Hannah and her wubanub

My 2nd weighted blanket I made. This one was for my friend's son.

Shhh I'm hunting wabbits!

My 1st weighted is not pretty when you look at it up close, but it works....the 2nd was 1000x better :-)
Andrew in his big boy pants. He went all day long with no accidents. We have not kept up with the big boy pants sense Jacob went in for surgery. One day soon we will try again

Andrew loves Hannah. That is one skinny little boy he needs to EAT

Mmmm that is some good boobie milk mommy...I am so stubborn and insist that you pump and bottle feed me...
I'm a fat little baby and have no clue what mommy just hung in front of me.

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