Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Holding babies!

Last night was the first time Jack and I got to go to the NICU since we came home and without Ava. The nurses last night were very nice. New spectacular new updates. Just all 3 have heart murmurs. Andrew I think is the only 1 confirmed with a PDA thus far. There is suppose to be follow up screening on all 3. Logan got a new tube to help him breath last night..I guess they replace them every 10 days. His O2 sats were at 98% last night, but I don't know how high his oxygen was set at. They had also just started an arterial IV when we got there :-( to monitor his blood pressure. His blood pressures are much better and he is still off the blood pressure meds! He just looks healthier. Andrew and Jacob are still about the same Jacob has been having more drops in his oxygen level than before though. They are all gaining weight. Logan is 2lbs 1.5oz, Andrew is 2lbs 10oz, Jacob 2lbs 12 oz. Jack held Jacob for the 1st time last night and I kangarooed with Andrew for the first time. He liked being down my shirt lmao. Haven't called for today's update yet, but Jack and I will be headed that way in a few hours. We like visiting on night shift better. Will post some new pics of them soon.

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