Monday, January 4, 2010


Jacob sleeping through his Neb treatment tonight
Andrew and daddy

Logan sleeping through my visit with him today

Andrew did not want to sit in this chair for me the other day...maybe because it was purple....

Jacob having a happy moment

Ava and her new princess bedroom set. Also styling her new hair cut from the day before. Her 2nd hair cut.

A picture of a picture Ava is really in this picture she is the tiny spot of blond hair next to Jacob's knee. She decided to hide and not come out. This picture was done by the NICU.

Dr. Velez called the morning with results of Jacob's MRI. She said the report showed the cyst actually smaller and are not compressing on his brain, but the fluid around his brain has increased. So it is good news and bad new. I guess I will find out on the 19th if they think he needs a shunt or not. I missed the boys EEG test this morning. After working all weekend and being at the NICU until 2am I could not get back up at 4am and make them stay awake and get to the hospital for the test at 6:30am. I got one of those lovely phone calls from the nurse on Saturday afternoon saying Logan only had breast milk until 1am. So Logan ended up getting formula all day Sunday because Jack was not in a "happy" mood when I got home from work Saturday night and I did not feel comfortable leaving the kids with him. He was really tired and cranky. So I drove my tired butt up there on Sunday. I had to leave work early on Sunday. The babies were getting sicker as the weekend progressed. Both babies were wheezing and Jacob was retracting a little bit. They were negative for RSV and Influenza. They sent them home with albuteral nebs. I visited Logan this afternoon. He was moved back to his old room with a window! He slept the entire time I was there. He is on c-pap at 26% He was at 24% yesterday. They weened his steroids to 0.5mg It would not surprise me if he goes up a little on oxygen. He was hanging out in the low 90's and desated into the 80's several times in 50's once. He is scheduled for surgery on Thursday at 10am he is having 2 hernias repaired. g-tube placement and a procedure for reflux that I have not idea how to spell. Nurse seems to think he is desating so much because he has a huge air leak in his trach. His co2 was 39 at 3am this morning so he is doing well.

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