Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm scared!

Logan is still on high frequency ventilation. He is at 50% oxygen. He is up on his co2 a little from 79 to 89 as of 11am this morning the next gas is due at 5pm. The doctor took him of the paralitic this morning. He has had 30cc of urine output all day. He is swollen and full of fluid like he was last time he was on the stuff. They started him on a fentnyl drip to keep him sedated and pain free. The ventilator is set at 360 breaths per minute right now with a peep of 14. I'm very concerned and anxious about his co2 levels. I might freak out if they are higher at 5pm. He had been sating high since yesterday and they were weening him as low as 45% he is now staying in the high 80's low 90's at 50%. I don't know what to think or do except to turn to the Lord and trust in him that whatever happens is for a reason. He is getting a blood transfustion right now. After he is stable Dr. Brown says "some time in the next week" he will be transfered to Arnold Palmer Hospital across the street to their pediatric ICU. He is still on antibiotics and the doctor does not know what happened to put Logan over the edge, but she thinks it is some kind of lower lobe lung infection. I am torn between my my sick baby here and my babies at home. I feel so bad for Ava. She doesn't understand why we are gone and keeps saying mama's at work making the money...and daddy is too. We are staying at Ronald McDonald House until he is more stable. I feel like I am going to explode, hyperventilate, cry, and just totally freak out if something posative does not happen soon.


  1. Jennifer - my heart is aching for you. I have a ton of TTTS mommy friends and others praying for Logan, for you and for your family. So many of these mom's have been in the crisis NICU mode you are in and we are all thinking of you guys.
    Putting your faith in God is so hard right now but you are right, it really is all you can do. I am sending prayers to our TTTS angel, Cole, to watch over Logan right now. He did a fabulous job keeping his twin brother safe.
    God be with you all,

  2. I' saying lots of prayer for you and your family!
    Much Love,

  3. I have triplet boys that a 6 years old. As I read your blog my heart breaks for you and your family. We will be praying for you, your family and little Logan.

  4. I just wanted you to know that Logan has been on my mind and in my heart today. Praying for good news.