Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Logan is still negative for RSV. They did a super pubic cath on him yesterday because the clean catch and regular cath was not good enough apparently. I did like the fact they stuck a needle in my babies bladder to take urine....He was switched back to automode on the ventilator last night and this morning he was put back on cpap! They weened the pressure from 18 to 13 and oxygen from 32 to 27% He is doing good. Dr. Brown is back from vacation today so hopefully we can get the ball rolling with his surgeries so he can come home. I spent some alone time with him last night and he pooped on me while I tried to change his diaper. He loves me. He smiled at him mobile most of the time and tried to pull his trach off while I was there. I just learned from the nurse 3 urine samples later that all showed the same thing..that he has a UTI and he is being started on antibiotics.

Andrew and Jacob are doing well. Jacob seems like he is starting to look at faces more and focus a little better. He is doing some 2 second smiles and seems happy. Andrew is still a sweet boy. Both love to cuddle.

All 3 of my babies at home are sick. Of course Ava is couching all over everyone. She just informed me she picked her boo boo on her arm and needs to take a bath. She is currently playing with cut up hot dogs in small blue best buy bag. Glad she is so entertained messing up the house.

Goal of the week is to get this house back in shape! Planning on giving a bunch of crap away and throwing away the crappy crap :-)

Trying to motivate myself to get up and get the kids ready so I can go to the bank and wal-mart................ I love my husband. He is so wonderful..He spent all day cleaning our room. Yes did require taking all day...hopefully I can finish it today. Must stop Ava from putting hot dogs in the toy lawnmower now!

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