Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A life without hearing....lets pray this is not so

Andrew and Jacob went to their 6 month checkup yesterday. As I have mentioned in the past and at the Early Step initial meeting THAT ANDREW DOES NOT RESPOND TO SOUND! So finally this doctor noticed it yesterday before I could even say anything. He coos and laughs and responds to you when you talk to him, but I am pretty sure he is responding to facial expressions and not my voice. If I make the same faces without making noise I get the same reaction that I do when I make noise. So Andrew has to have a otiology visit...he did pass his hearing screen in the hosp.

We have increase Jacob's prevacid to see if that will help with his back arching like he is in pain all the time to a full tab instead of half. He is going to have a consult with a GI doctor at Arnold Palmer.

Logan was weaned to 45% yesterday and back up to 50% today. Still on full vent settings. Got another dose of Lasix today to pull some of the extra fluid off his lungs. I spoke with Dr. Brown about maybe setting up a schedule or doing something with the other diuretic he is on. Seems at least once a week he needs Lasix. So I suggested that she make a regiment that he can become stable on like getting Lasix once a week with other meds etc and making sure his electrolytes stay in range etc..She told me she was going to increase the dose on his current med to see if can take away the need for the Lasix.

Ava is SICK she vomited in my van 2x yesterday. Then threw up all night long and now she has started with the liquid diarrhea. She is holding NOTHING down. Poor baby...hope she don't give it to everyone else. She has a fever too.

Last night I bought a sectional off Craigslist. I LIKE it! It is plum! I'll post pics off it when someone I call my sister gives my camera back that she told me she was only going to have for 1 day 5 days ago TRICIA! I think that is it for now.

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