Monday, January 25, 2010

Dear Logan, You are suppose to be better not worse!

Logan has slowly been increasing on his oxygen since they weened his steroids from .5 to .25. He went from 28-31% range to 43% earlier today. He has not had to be bagged since the first few days he came out of surgery. Suddenly tonight at shift change of course his oxygen levels dropped low they had to bag him...increase his oxygen to 63%...and ultimately put him back on the ventilator on a rate. Last night his blood gas had a higher co2 in the 80's. The chest x-ray is a little hazy but not really really bad like some of his old ones. I am trying not to have a pity party for myself or him over this set back. I had my little crying moment. I am grateful to God and all the staff at WPH that he is still alive. That he is alert and that he had a long stretch on C-Pap and every second on c-pap is better than nothing. Thank You God for Blessing me with my children. Can't wait for the day I post when he is coming home and better yet the day he is not on oxygen and the best day of my life will be when his trach is taken off!

Jacob has been on the phenobarbital for 5 days now? I think...I have not noticed a difference AT ALL! I was hoping it would take the edge off his crankiness all the time. I love him though he drives me crazy!

Andrew is voicing his option more these days. He is demanding the same attention Jacob gets lol

I started feeding them sweet potatoes now. They like them...I have been a lazy mom I cut big holes in nipples and bottle fed it because I did not have the desire or energy to fight with them with spoons just yet.

Ava continues to think it is a normal things to pee where wants. She DID NOT play nicely today and is currently think there is nothing wrong with her sitting on the couch nude watching Phineas with Tattoo head baby (She gave baby "a pretty" with a black marker a while ago)

Hopefully I will be getting a sectional I found on Craig's list tomorrow. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

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