Friday, January 8, 2010

Logan had surgery and sick family = bad week

Logan before surgery
Logan's little hand

Getting ready to head to the O.R.

Last look at Logan before surgery

Logan just as he came back from surgery

Poor little guy!

The next day 1-7-10

Andrew sick and congested watching TV 1-8-10

Discover poor little congested Jacob likes the boppy pillow on his belly.

My 3 sick babies at home. Ava refuses to wear cloths or brush her hair today. She has pizza on her face. :-D

Logan went into surgery around 1:40pm on Wednesday. He was in recovery around 3:30pm. He looked really good and was starting to wake up when he got back to the room. He was originally weened to 33% from 50% after surgery with a rate of 30 that he was breathing over on the ventilator. His pressures were the same as they had been prior to surgery. A few hours later we went back to see him again. He started to puff up and his co2 was 94 they upped his rate to 50 on the vent and got it the 60's the next gas was higher again so they upped the pressure. Then he had a normal co2 in the 40's then the very next one later on that night was 136. They upped the pressure some more. He is still struggling today to blow off the co2. He has run between 70-100. This morning they started an arterial line because of the frequent blood gases. He is still not eating and won't until he stabilizes respiratory wise. His incisions on the other hand look great. He still has really high blood pressure and is requiring morphine around the clock with Valium to keep him sedated and out of pain. Hopefully he will heal fast and he will stabilize and be weened back down on vent settings. If all goes well he should be home in 2-3 weeks with hopefully 24hr nursing care.
Babies are so sick. Esp Jacob. They are congested and wheezing. Not sleeping well. Jacob is not eating well. Called doctor says I am doing everything I can and just suction them every 20 minutes if I have to. Ava is sick...Jack got sick last night....hopefully I'm not next!

Starting to freak out about Logan coming home! He is so much work by himself! I'm sure it will all work out though.

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