Thursday, January 28, 2010

As most of my friends and family already know I got a phone call from Dr. Brown this morning around 10am while Jack and I were on our way to the nicu saying Logan had become critically ill over night (btw no one bothered to call) and that she had placed him on high frequency ventilation at 9:30. He had a blood gas of 222 (normal is 40). He is currently still on high frquency he is at 55% oxygen and his last 2 gases we dramaticly different. 202 and the 2:30 gas was 95. Dr. Brown told me there was a good posibility he will die this morning. We are all praising God right now that after many wonderful prayers over the course of an hour once everyone started to pray he went from 202 to 95. I do not know what the 630 gas is yet. He is still very very sick and they do not know what is causing this. They think some kind of obstruction in his lungs trapping air. Ill try to keep everone up to date. Thanks everyone and Thank you God!

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  1. Praying for Logan. So sorry to hear he has been so ill.