Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sick babies and a new trach for Logan

Andrew and Jacob are sickies! They both have quite a nasty cold still. They have been sick for about 2 weeks seems like it is really turning in to a hacking cough with stuffy nose. I have really been watching what kind of foods I eat and that seems to have help with their little bellies. They have still had their whining moments but not like it was before. I finally packed up all their newborn cloths yesterday and brought out the 0-3 months. They are both over 10lbs so I figured it was about time lol. Andrew is 10 lbs 12oz Jacob is 11 lbs 6oz. Logan is 7lbs 6oz. He is not gaining weight because of the steroids he has been on. Ava has been quite outspoken lately and defiantly lets you know she is there so she can have her attention. Overall all is good at home. House is staying somewhat clean but carpets and floors are still driving me crazy they are filthy! Our dishwasher broke on Black Friday! Conveniently it was a day of sales lol and we got a new 1 really really cheap under $200. I was quite impressed that Jack was able to install is successfully by himself of Saturday while I was at work. I thought they plugged in but it is hard wired in...who knew.

Logan has been on antibiotics for 7 days now. His IV went bad again. So they changed his antibiotics to an aerosol. Didn't even know they made them that way. So no more IV sticks for him. He has no veins left for them to stick. The ENT doctor that did his trach came in today and changed his trach from a 3.5 tube to a 4.o. He had a HUGE air leak around the trach. Now the air leak is gone and he is doing very very very well. I continue to have faith in God that this last setback was his last and it will only be uphill from here. I believe in the power of prayer and God's miraculous healing and miracle is taking place at Winnie Palmer and in the very room he lays in. He will come home and he will be able to breath off of mechanical ventilation one day. As soon as they got rid of the air leak he has had for weeks. He started sating 100% so they started weening the O's He was at 64% and they weened to 50% and stopped. He was still sating in the mid 90's at 50%. He is still on steroids. Please continue to pray God's will for Logan. This little boy is so strong. God must have some amazing plans for him. All 3 boys are doing so well. They are so alert n ow. Logan turns to the sound of voices, he focuses on his toys and faces. He holds his pacifier in his mouth and reaches for his mobile. I hope that now that his oxygen needs are lower now we can start bottle feeding this week or next and that he can get his MRI done. Jacob muscles seem a little stiff for his age. He is very alert. Tries to eat you all the time and suck on your nose. He eats well. Pushes himself up and hold his head very well. Jacob startles easily and stares at you while you talk to him. Andrew has started focusing a little better. He has started to follow him mobile and look at me more while he eats. He likes to stare into lights and fans lol. He does not respond so much to sound and noise. He does not startle a lot. He startles more from sudden touch than sound.

Looks like our house guest are not staying as long as they were going to. They have decided to make another life change and move closer to her parent's house in north Florida. :-(.

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