Friday, December 11, 2009

Picture day in the NICU and MRI results

We attempted to get our first picture of All 6 of us together, but Ava did not want that to happen. So we have a picture of Jack, me, and the babies with Ava hiding under the chairs. Logan is doing wonderful!!!! I just spoke with the RT and he has been weened to 34% he is still on automode on the vent and he is doing great. He is getting cpap for an hour 2x a day. He had his MRI last night. I am VERY happy to report that he has ALL the lobes of his brain intact. The white and gray matter is normal. THERE ARE NO CYSTS! The only issue at all is a little excess fluid around the brain that has to be monitored. He is off methadone as of yesterday. He is still on the prednisone at 1.6mg not sure how many time of day now. Oh, and he is off isolation. Ava is still being very bad screams, yells, runs away, hits, name calls, pours liquids all over the floor on purpose, rips things apart she know she should not, and won't sit on the potty anymore. I want to BEAT her! Babies had a good night the other day and a good day yesterday. Last night they were HORRIBLE! So I hope tonight is a good night. We bought our Christmas tree today, but it is still sitting outside. Jack is still outside finishing up the Christmas lights. I think that is all for now.

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