Monday, December 21, 2009


Jacob had his MRI today. It makes me sick when I look at the images. I know he is a miracle and will serve the purpose God made for him. It still make me want to puke to know that my beautiful son's brain is wrecked for not fault of his own. Like any mother I ask why? Why him? He did great though. We are at All Children's Hospital in St. Pete. I have to spend the night with him just to make sure he does not stop breathing from the sedation. This sucks! He is very cranky. He FINALLY just went to sleep. He has been awake ALLLLLLLLLLL day! I will not have the official report for a few days if it is worse than the orgional ultrasound. There is so much damage it is hard for me to tell. FYI All the big black areas in the images I posted should be grey.

Logan is doing wonderful! He is at 25% on cpap mode. They are giving him fentenyl for his "pain" and valum. This is all I have to write for now. I am going to sleep. Because apparently parents have to stay at kids beside so nurses have to do no work at all.

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