Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Not such a Merry Christmas for Logan who of course still resides at Winnie Palmer Hospital. He had a bad Christmas Eve. He apparently desated down in to the 30's quite a bit during the morning and stopped breathing at a normal range and some points stop breathing all together. He was not waking up to stimulation at all. So of course they ran the same battery of test they have been doing almost bi-weekly at this point and of course everything has been negative. Even the RSV is negative. They did an RSV Cx yesterday and today. Both are negative. His ABG is normal and Co2 is in a normal range for him. I think it was 58. The only thing that has change is a blood pressure med they put him on. He was taking clonidine, but it was not doing to much to help his blood pressure anyways. One of the side effects it drowsiness. It definitely made him sleepy. They did stop it and he has woke up. His blood pressure is still pretty high and to compensate his pulse is low. Don't know what they are going to do about his BP now. He is currently on 30% back on the vent fully breathing for him at a rate of 40. He is starting to breath over the vent again and hoping in the next 24 hours they can put him back on auto mode and ween him back off the vent again.

We woke up around 8 this morning fed the babies and then open presents. Ava seemed to have forgotten they joy of unwrapping presents that she discovered last year, but soon realized again and unwrapped all her presents then helped Jack unwrap his too. After each gift she tried to open it and play with it, until she realized there were more. LOL when she got her Phineas and Ferb DVD she immediately tried to go open it and put it in her DVD player. After clean up time and settling down the babies, Ava sat in "her" recliner and watched P. & F. She was so into the commercial free cartoon I had to call her name like 6 times for her to respond.

Jack is currently home with the children while I work 1p to 7p where I currently only have 1 patient so I have plenty of time to write this blog :-) I have to take the chart to the doctor now. I will post pictures later.

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