Thursday, December 10, 2009

Everything is going to be OKAY!

Logan is doing really good still. Lets keep our fingers crossed and keep praying. He is OFF methadone! He is at 1.6 on his predniosone and they were able to ween him to 38% yesterday on his oxygen. He is still maintaining his sats in the 90's. His lung culture is still positive for seratitia or how ever it is spelled. He is going for his MRI tonight and is suppose to have a swollow study on Friday. In the neat future he will more than likely have a g-tube placed and his inguinal hernia repaired. If everything goes as planned and he continues to improve he will be HOME by then end of January. If he keeps doing well they will also let him have cpap on his trach instead of ventilator during parts of the day. He is back on automode on the vent as well. He had Christmas pictures taken yesterday as well. I have not got to see them yet. On Friday we are going to have family pics done. It will be the 1st time all 6 of us will be in 1 picture!

Andrew and Jacob are doing good. Jacob had his appt with the neurologist. She is concerned with what she seen on the MRI from WPH. She thinks there is a very high likely hood that he has Cerebral Palsy. He is very stiff in he legs and hips. She has concerns he may not be able to walk or talk from where the damage is. I know Jacob will prevail just as Logan has been doing. I have no doubt he will struggle but he will get the best care out there.

Ava has been SUPER BAD! but she is still my sweet angel.

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