Thursday, December 17, 2009

Logan's ultrasound result and withdrawls

Logan had an upper GI series done yesterday to determine if he need the procedure for reflux. It came back that he does not have reflux...which I find hard to did he always have milk in his mouth when he was on bolus NG tube feeds??? However, they did think they saw some narrowing deformity in his stomach. So, today he had an ultrasound of his stomach done which was apparently normal. Last night he was turned down to 26% on his oxygen. He did very well all day on his saturations. He has not been sleeping well. The nurse thinks he is withdrawing off all the addictive medications he has been on. I. E. Methadone and Versed. He is sweaty, irritable and crying a lot. He is back at 28% but like I said he has been very upset. He is still getting 12 hours a day on cpap. 6 on and 6 off. Still no word on surgery day or time.

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