Thursday, November 26, 2009

My baby is a bacteria breeding machine!

I deleted my last post it was a wee bit to psycho. Quick recap from that update was that Jacob was having an 8 day crying spree that has ended for the most part. Andrew and Jacob are still passing some kinda of stomach virus back and forth and Logan was doing his usual up and down on his oxgen. He was coming off steroids and weening his sedation meds. Andrew and Jacob had also both seen a cardiologist and Jacob heart is no longer enlarged and is totally normal now. Andrew still has a very small PDA that will be followed up in 6 months. Both the boys eyes are mature and normal now and both have follow-ups in May '10.

Now to the present. Sunday 11-22-09 Logan crashed again respiratory wise. He was lethargic and unresponsive. He was on 100% oxygen and sating around 74 for hours. Some genius finally decided to get a blood gas on him. His Co2 was 180! Normal range is 35-45 with normal being 40. Logan's normal ranges from the 50's to the 70's. If you or me had a co2 for 180 we would probably be dead. With some ventilator setting changes and restarting sol-u-medrol his co2 corrected itself and wet to 63. (I think) Though, after a day or 2 he did NOT rebound on his oxygen like he did last time on the steroids. I think it was Monday when I was told he was growing bacteria in his lung secretions and he had pneumonia. He was started on antibiotics. He sat around 80% for a few days. Last night I was up their when he suddenly crashed again...wide awake this time. He got very fussy and upset was on 100% oxygen again and sats were around 85%. I cried and I prayed. I prayed so hard with tears all over his bed at this point I could just feel the holy spirit in the room with me to comfort me. Logan was asleep now. I said a prayer that I could not repeat if I wanted to. I laid hands over him and truly really prayed hard for him. Harder than I have ever prayed in my life for anything. I looked up at the monitor and he started high sating. Then more tears came just to rejoice the reassurance God gave.

When I called this morning I was told the cultures (not sure if it was from the 1st one taken or a new one) grew a 3rd bacteria in his lungs that requires isolation. This one is a little more resistant to anti-biotics. All of these bacterias are nosocomial and related to him being on a ventilator. The 2 he was diagnosed with 1st were Serratia marcescens qnd Staphylococcus aureus commonly know as Serrtia and Staph. The new one found today is Stenotrophomonas maltophilia aka Steno. He has been weened back down to 82% and is holding okay now. He is very alert and LOVES his mobile and his music. He has a small raddle he likes to touch. He reaches for his toys. Focuses on you and his mobile and turns to the sound of voices. He is the sweetest baby.

Jacob and Andrew are double trouble at home. They take turns hitting each other and crying. They are eating well. They are taking turns vomiting. Not just spitting up but lets see how far I can spew my milk across the room vomit. They have pooped more in the last 2 weeks than they have in the last 4 months. Luckily I have lots of diapers thanks to many donations. Thank you very much. I want to thank Jennifer Brant for all her efforts she does not just more me but everyone she meets to do good. She has started a raffle for a Wii that ends on December 6th. She has been selling tickets for awhile now. I know she has not near reached her goal, but what she has done to donate to the "Gas fund" as I call it and to everyone else that has bought tickets. I just want to let everyone know I am grateful and I will not spend any money donated to me irresponsibly and it will go for what it was meant for. I pay $75 to fill my van every 3 days and $55 for the car every 3 days as well. Sometimes more some times less. it adds up the cost has made things hard and required the use of my EVIL credit cards several times, but my family will get through this. I will not let money stand in my way to see my son or provide for my family. My daughter does deserve some time with just her mom and dad. We took her out by herself without the babies to down town Disney the other day because it was free. We planned on window shopping and riding the boats around the the different resorts we though she would have enjoyed it. Due to bad weather they closed the boats so we went into rain forest cafe to show her the fish and animals. Then she started I want "sumten" to eat mommy and even signed it in sign language. So we sat down with her got the cheapest items on the menu and split them and shared a drink. I guess some people who "donated" to me may have found this irresponsible for eating at an expensive restaurant, but we did not spend a ton of money. I am not living off donations. My husband and I both receive paychecks and I have EVIL credit cards. I just want to make it clear that any money that has been donated to me is being used for its purpose. Not being my main funds for gas either. It is sitting in a 2nd savings account and will only be used when their is no money left in my checking to buy gas or things the babies need.

Thank You everyone for all the support you have given my family. Please keep the prayers coming for baby Logan.

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