Sunday, December 13, 2009

Keep on praying!

Logan has been doing wonderful over the last week. They turned his oxygen down to 28% over night and he continue to maintain mid-90's sats. I just called the nurse and she said he was desating. He had to be turned back up to 30% Hopefully this is temporary Last weekend he did the same thing went from the 30's to 45%. He doesn't seem to like weekend shifts very much. :-) Something always happens on the weekend it seems. They weened his steroids down again today to. This can also be the reason for the increase. He is getting 3 hours a day off the vent on cpap now. His feeds are at 24cc hour. He is almost 8lbs.
Andrew and Jacob pulled an all-nighter. They decided they were not going to sleep last night. So they were kicked out of our bedroom and banished to the baby cage to sleep in their bouncy chairs around 1am. Not sure how much sleep they had they were still crying when I went to sleep and whining when I woke up at 5:30am. I helped Jack feed them. He said they then decided to sleep until 10:30ish.
Ava is going with Jack's parents to see Santa Claus today. She went with Jack to a breakfast with LPOM yesterday with Santa and would not go near him. LOL I hope she behaves for them better than Jack.

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