Friday, December 4, 2009


I'm so excited! I called WPH this morning and spoke with Logan's nurse. He is at 36% YES you read that right 36%! He is STILL sating high enough to ween at this point. I would love to see him at room air 21% before they take the steroids off to see how he does. He is still on prednisone. He is still on the ventilator on a rate. The rate is down to 28. We started at 55. He is still on alot of pressure support thought with a PEEP of 10. He is scheduled for an MRI today. I am very excited about this as well. This is the close as he has come to getting better I don't knoow what to think. Please pray that he does not backslide when he comes off the steroids again. 6 times is enough on steroids. He can't stay on them. I wish I could go down there right now, but I am home with some sick children. I have not seen him in almost 3 days as this point due to everyones' sickies. All 3 of this children home are on amoxicillin for respitory infections. Both babies are over in the baby cage whining. Ava is playing with her "Laptop" a portable DVD player she watches Dora on all day. When Daddy comes home tonight I get to go see Logan and go back to my wonderful job tomorrow.

My Laptop "Mr. Laptop" died the other day. I delivered his ulogy on facebook lastnight lol. From Facebook: Jennifer Keigans Gunter $700+ down the drain! RIP Mr. Laptop 11/28/09-12-2-09 He was 1 yr & 5 days old. He death resulted from spilled breast milk. He has been battling his condition since early 08/09 when a 2 yr old dumped 4oz of breast milk into his keyboard. Since then he has had many attempts to fix him w/ no success & even a ghetto keyboard. After months of freezing & overheating & an attempted reformat. Mr. Laptop is now dead.

I have now taken over Jack's laptop. I refused to buy a new one and spend a ton of money like I did last time when all I do is get online. I considered a netbook but don't really want the tiny screen. I got an awsome deal on Jack's in August It was only around $250 when I bought it with decent features. Now I can't find one with the same features for less than $400. Though I have had fun pretend shopping for a new laptop online I will be responsible for now and not run the credit card debt up higher.

Well time to pump the boobies and maybe take a shower...I can really use one of those today. :-)

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