Friday, August 28, 2009

Ups and now DOWNS!

1st time I held Andrew and Jacob together Thank You Jill for the picture :-D

jacob 8-26-09

Andrew 8-26-09

Logan was doing well for a few days. After my last post the next day I believe he was placed on a nasal canula thing not like Jacob's and Andrews high flow, but I believe it was called a vaperderm. It allowed him not to have the mask on his face, but receive a higher flow of oxygen then the high flow gives. He maintained 6 liters at 50% oxygen until 2 days ago. He slowly went up into the 60's more when he ate than anything. Early this morning around 4am they put him back on cpap with a flow of 8 and at 84% oxygen and ran a bunch of test. Turns out the doctor called me around 11am and told me Logan has tested + for RSV. There has been quite the outbreak of RSV in the NICU. I was wondering why all the babies that were in his room were disappearing. I just assumed they had been moved because they were getting better. Well, I was wrong. I found all the babies he had been room with over the past months were all in Pod 1 on isolation with RSV! Apparently Logan was the last of the babies that were there to test posative. He is strong and was fighting the cpap the entire time I was up there. Sad his body is so strong even though his lungs are so weak. Please pray for him. I know in my heart he will make it out of the NICU okay.
On a lighter note. Jacob and Andrew have been weening down on there oxygen and have both made it to 1 liter on there canulas. They have both been practicing on bottle feeding. Jacob surprised everyone today when he suddenly learned to suck swallow breath. This was day 4 for his once a day bottle feed. The last 3 day the most he has taken was between 4cc and 7cc and he would desat the entire time. Today he took 26cc! with very few desats and brought himself back up on his own. Andrew took 13cc this was his 3rd feed. Yesterday the nurse tried and he did not eat any and on his 1st feed ever he took 16cc. I does not desat at all when he feeds. He just does not suck hard enough and tires himself out. They are so close to coming home! Just a few more hurtles and a little more growing and maturing. They will be 34 weeks tomorrow. Jacob and Andrew are still co-bedding and doing great. Oh and they had there eye exams yesterday and they all just show premature retinas and nothing more yea!

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