Saturday, August 22, 2009




I just spoke with Dr. Brown.

Jacob got moved to pod 3 2 days ago. I tried to bottle feed him 2 days ago he literally chocked down a total of 4cc. MD decided to discontinue the bottle feed for now and give him another week. Today she also decreased his oxygen flow from 2liters to 1.5 liters on room air. His TSH apparently has been high for the past 2 weeks (NEWS TO ME!) like 85 and 36. So she had him seen by an endocrinologist. He started him on syntroid for hypothyroidism. She thinks his hormone levels will correct himself over time. He is 4lbs 4oz still and doing well on feeds.

Andrew is doing very good he was been weened to 2liters on room. He is doing well on his feeds and is 3lbs 13oz MD said early next week he will be moved with Jacob in pod 3 if all goes well.

Logan was taken off the ventilator yesterday. He has been off for 24 hours now and is doing well. He started off on 70% oxygen is staying between 50-55% now with a peak of 8. She did start him on a 2nd round of steroids for some edema still hanging around. He has an inguinal hernia and his poor little scrotum is swollen and hard. MD said they would fix it before he goes home and that it is not causing any harm. She said they don't fix them until they are over 4lbs. His Hct is coming back up 28.8. Overall he has had many little miracles over the last week. Power of prayer really shows. Praise God! and I thank everyone who continues to pray for my childrens' health.

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