Saturday, August 8, 2009

Poor Logan shortly after he was retubed :-( He was already trying to pull it out.
Andrew wearing his 1st outfit

Jacob after his bath.

Jacob during his bath

Logan being wrapped like a burrito to stop him from pulling his tubes out.

Logan...give me that tube!

Oh busy couple of days. Starting with Logan..... They took him off the ventilator this morning and put him on cpap. He lasted 12 hours and they intibated him again at shift change tonight. 1 step forward and 2 steps back :-(.
Andrew is still the same. Still sitting on cpap. He was having some irregular heart rhythms tonight. I asked to speak with to doctor tonight...she was busy and she has not call back. No other improvement or updates. He continues to gain a small amount of weight Logan too. Andrew is still 3lbs 2oz and Logan 2lbs 2oz
Jacob got transferred to another room early yesterday morning. He was moved to a step down nursery because he is stable. He is now in pod 3. He is doing great. All his oxygen settings are still the same. Never got his weight tonight. All the nurses were being bitches tonight. Was not very happy. They were just not very friendly.

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