Saturday, August 1, 2009

I decided I am going to stop calling the NICU. I am sick of bad news. :-( Andrew stopped breathing this morning and they had to bag him to get him to breath. He apparently has an infection but they do not know where. His WBC was a little over 17 today. Poor little guy. He is still on c-pap but they changed it from the prongs that go in his nose to the mask the covers his face. Jacob continues to maintain his own. Nothing has changed on him respiratory wise. He continues to go up on his feedings and down on his IV fluid. Logan is having good days and bad nights. 2 light in a row he had lots of drops in his oxygen levels but less during the day. His blood gas levels are good and they weened him from 55 breaths per minute to 50, but had to go up on his oxygen to 45% She said he is doing better now and has him back at 40%.

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