Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jacob and his soothie
Logan and mommy

Logan and mommy

Andrew and Daddy

His pig nose will go away it is from the cpap hehehe Little piggy Andrew



Andrew and Logan are meeting

Daddy holding Logan for 1st time

Mommy and Andrew

Sorry it has been a few days since I have updated. I am going to start with August 9th. This was the day Jack got to hold Logan for the first time. Jacob was doing fine and Andrew was still on his cpap. The NICU visit started out very well. The nurse was super nice and she made it where Jack and I could sit next to each other and hold the babies and not on opposite ends of the room. I held Andrew and Jack held Logan. After about 20 minutes of holding the babies Logan started making a weird noise and his heart rate dropped real low. Then nurse tried to suction him for a minute or 2 before she realized even though the tube was still taped to his mouth that the tube had extubated from where it was suppose to be. Logan was turning gray and the nurse and respiratory therapist were panicking a little because a 2nd baby extubated at the same time in the room. It took another nurse that was not taking care of Logan coming over lay Logan across Jack's chest and finally ripping the tube out of Logan's mouth to free his airway so he could breath. Logan's nurse was to worried about getting the stuff to reintubated than worry about his obstructed airway! Poor Jack didn't know what to do and I sat there helpless because I had my own baby with tubes tapped down to me. Logan can breath on his own so it was not a huge issue that it came out but I guess wherever the tube pulled to made it obstruct. He was reintubated and was fine after a few minutes.

8/10/09 I went to NICU with my mom all the boys were doing fine. It was Jacob's turn to be held. He was doing great on 2.5liter of O2 at 23% I believe. I held him for about 1 1/2 hours we only did a short visit with the other 2 boys. Then we got stuck in the rolling road blocks on I4 for an hour.

8/11/09 Jack and I had a good vist. Andrew was taken off cpap and has stayed off so far. He is doing very good. on 4liters at 25% Logan has pulmonary edema..this is the reason he can not come off the vent yet. He is being treated with diuretics and is doing okay. Jack held Andrew and I made an attempt to hold Logan. All went well while we were holding the babies. When the nurse put Logan back in his bed he extubated again! I will not hold him again until he is off the vent. I can't stand watching them have to reintubate him again. Jacob was doing good. He had just had his bath when we went to see him. He was so cute eyes wide open sucking on a soothie. They are having there eye exams today 8/12/09 Jack and I are going to head up there in a little bit.

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