Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ava playing dress up. She decided she had to wear all the hair clips
Jacob wearing his first pair of cloths

Holding Logan for the first time.

Some improvements today. Jacob and Andrew are both up to 25cc feeds now and no long require IV nutrition. So the IVs are off and the PICC lines are being removed from there arms. Jacob is still at 2 liter of oxygen at 24% I believe and Andrew is still on Cpap at 22%. Logan is at 10cc feedings and they are very slowly weening him his oxygen is at 38% now was at 47% the other day. Not sure what his breaths are at now. Jacob is 3lbs 2oz Logan 2lbs 3oz and Andrew is 2lbs 14 oz. The doc has also added something to the breast milk to give them more calories. Oh and I got to hold Logan for the first time last night! Yesterday they took out his arterial IV.

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