Thursday, August 20, 2009

Praying things keep going up.

Happy to report at the moment all 3 boys are showing improvement tonight. First for Logan. I hope the steroids he is on no matter what the side effects are, are the miracle we have all been praying for. He has been on them for 24 hours now and his oxygen has been weened from 55% to 42% and when I left the NICU he was still was "high sating" at 99-100% He is still having desats but when they suction him he comes back up. He is still pales and his Hct is back down at 24. Jack did donate blood, so we will know in a few days if he can have Jack's blood. He did well with his first transfusion.

Andrew is still improving they continue to ween his oxygen he was at 4 liters and 28% now he is at 3 liters and 26% and doing fine. Still in Isolet. Hopefully in a few days if things continue to improve he can be co-bedding with Jacob.

Jacob is once again doing better than ever. He has been weened from 4 liters at 21% room air to 2 litters at 21%. He is still in the bassinet and maintaining his temperature. It is running low normal, but as long as he does not drop under 97 he can stay out of the box. He is running around 97.2 He is 4lbs 4oz now.

Not sure of the other 2 boys weights. Last weight on Logan a few days ago was 2lbs 11oz and Andrew was 3lbs 9oz.

I just hope they all continue to improve and the worse part is over, but I don't feel like I can relax yet. There is an order for Logan that if he pulls his tube out to try him on Cpap again. If he keeps it in they will try him off the vent after his 6 doses of steroids. His last x-ray still looked really bad though and he still needs alot of suctioning in his lungs to keep his sats up. I will continue that God has a miracle for him and that he WILL survive and thrive.

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