Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Updates from a blackberry

A lot has happened since my last update. Saturday evening I believe it was the 28th he went off cpap and back on the ventlator. 2 hours after he was intubeated he went to the high frequency ventilator at 100% Also Sunday night Jacob and Andrew were also diagnosed with rsv. Logan stayed on high freq vent until Sunday evening finally his abg was good enough to go back on reg vent. Long story short today Wednesday9-2 he is still on vent weened at the moment to 53% and doing okay. He is still a little touchy and desats at any stimulation. Andrew is doing AWSOME! He is OFF oxygen all together and is getting bottle feeds at nurses discretion. Last night he finished an entire feeding for Jack with bottle. He is so close to going home. Andrew does not show any bad symptoms from RSV. Jacob is struggling a bit more with RSV he is at 1 liter and 24% oxygen. He is still having some desats more when he eats.He still struggles with his once a day bottle feed ranging from intakes as low as 4cc to 26cc but he only did the big feed once. He is retracting a bit when he breaths and still congested.They are all on isolation and we have to wear yellow gowns and gloves when we inter the room. We are staying at ronald mcdonald house until Logan is off vent or just a little more stable.

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