Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Life on the vent This is his 4th tube in 2 weeks he wants it out but his little lungs don't
Andrew is very happy mommy is holding him head gear and all

Boys are doing okay pda did not close on Logan after treatment but he continues to maintain. He excubated himself again for the 2nd or 3rd time now. Dr Brown decided to try and keep him off the vent to see how he did. They put him on c-pap. It only lasted 3 or 4 hours by 1 pm he was back on the vent. Andrew is still on same setting on his c-pap continues to desat and have heart rate drops but all his test for infection were negative and they stopped his antibiotics. Jacob still on 2 liters he is doing great both Jacob and Andrew are up to 20cc feedings and are about to stop there IV nutritian all together. Logan is at 9 or 10 cc now :-D

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