Thursday, August 13, 2009

Poor little Logan :-(

So I talked to Dr. Brown this morning. Logan is still really struggling on the ventilator. He either high sats or low sats. He has been dropping in the 70's alot like 5 or 6 times an hour or more. He is needing more support on the ventilator with higer levels of oxgen than he did last week. He still has pulmonary edema and has alot of fluid in his lungs. The doctor says she may have to start steriods when he is a month old, but there are side effects that are known to cause "brain developemental delays" in her words. She said his x-rays show cronic lung changes and scaring and he may be on oxygen when he comes home. She says there is a chance his lungs can improve during his first 7 years but there is a chance he will have long term life long respitroy issues requiring medications and oxygen. She says she does feel comfident I will go home with 3 babies at some point and that he will come off the ventilator one day.

They all 3 had eye exams yesterday and she says they all show "premature vessels at the center of the eye" but that his is normal for there age and they will all be recheck in 2 weeks.

Andrew is still off the c-pap but was threatening to go back on it last night. he is up to 30% oxygen and if he goes higher he will have to go back on cpap. He abdomen was also swollen this morning, but the nurse says he is still having normal bowel movements so they will continue to watch it.
Jacob is still doing great still has some issues reminding him to breath every now and then but overall doing well.

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