Friday, July 29, 2011


Jacob is still in the PICU. He only desats when he needs suctioning (this brings back major flash backs of Logan desating and getting suctioned). He has been sleeping a good part of the day. Jack and I left for a few hours to buy clean underwear and cloths :-). They have 3 Ronald McDonald's Houses here.1 of them is on the 1st floor of the doctors office part of the hospital. Totally awsome! They had an opening and we were able to get a room until Jacob goes home. It was nice to get a shower. Jack is at the RMH washing our other cloths. Andrew and Ava are home with Christine....unless my sister went and got them. Jacob is on an antibiotic called Zosyn...he has developed a rash to it. He is only on 1liter of oxygen right now. Sucks we can see the bay from the hospital window...wish we were on vacation at the beach instead of hanging out in the hospital. This has really scared me...I don't know if I need to push for the nissen to get done when he is better. I hate having to put him through pain...especially when some people already judge me for having his tonsils and adenoid out anyway since this was an "elective" procedure that has now landed us in the PICU...just thought maybe he would enjoy breathing through his nose instead of being congested and snorty all the time.

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