Thursday, July 21, 2011


Jacob has had 2 appointments in the last 2 days. Yesterday we drove to Brandon to see the neurologist. We both agreed that we do not like him on the Valium. She said she would rather him not be on Valium because if he had prolong seizure the gel they put up their butt to stop the seizure would be less affective (yes she prescribed me the butt gel for him just in is apparently butt Valium). So, we are weening of the Valium and onto baclifan. She said all the kids she manages on baclifian they have had no issue with increase seizures after starting. So 1 doctor tells me yes to baclifan the 2nd would rather him on Valium. I am told that the baclifan is no sedating like his klonipine and Valium...this was my deciding factor to switch him. He had his 1st dose this morning.

Today we drove to St. Pete to see the pulmonologist. She was happy that he was not wheezing and that he has been fairly unsick. She thinks it is good that he is having the tonsils and adenoids out.

He sees the low vision doctor tomorrow.

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