Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Andrew and Jacob's Birthday Party

The party was great. We had a good turn out and the kids had lots of fun. Jacob even was outside in his gait trainer strutting his stuff taking steps across the patio for everyone. Monday was a happy day. Logan was on my mind a lot, but I know he at peace so I decided to not let their birthday be a day of sorrow, but a day of celebration of my triplets birth. One of my co-workers Jennifer W. came to the party. She did a very sweet thing that I did not even have time or money to think to do. She came with 2 blue balloons to send to Logan. We wrote messages and signed our names. They were placed on a hook outside next to the cakes. We planned to send them up after we sang happy birthday. Well, Logan came in this world 1st, he left 1st, and he got his balloons 1st. LOL they came off the hook and went up in the sky when I went inside to grab the camera. I didn't even get any pictures of the balloons. I think there is 1 tiny cell phone picture of them way in the sky. It was very touching that she brought the balloons and thought of my son even though he is not here anymore. Felt kinda bad that we did not get to his grave. The last people left our house at almost 9pm. Then Jack and I had to drive back to Winter Haven to pick up the power cord to Jacob's tube feeding pump. It was dead and I could not feed my son....I attempted to bolus feed him and he puked on me.

I stole these pictures from my sister's facebook. Sadly I haven't even posted Ava's birthday pictures. I suppose  I should go back to her birthday post and post them there. :-P It has been another year it is time to print my blog again Yay!

Andrew LOVED all the attention!

Andrew enjoying the pool

The boys' cake
 and Logan's bear. Yesterday we took the bear to his grave.

My sister Patricia falling off the slide LOL

The train of kids going up the slide. Tricia took Andrew down it several times. He loved the slide.

Singing happy  birthday to my babies

Blowing out the candles

Baby Jacob

Andrew and his cupcake. He carried it around for about 45 minutes :-)

Andrew playing on the super awesome sprinkler pool thing yesterday. This is one of the boys gifts I got from Target for their birthday

Ava, Andrew, and Savanna

 My sister Tabetha falling off the slide

Logan's Balloons going up

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing all the pictures and stories. I feel like I was there (only minus the cake). So glad to see that everyone had such a great time. It appears that you have a bunch of sisters and they all like to "slip and slide".