Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Look what I can do!

Just wanted to post something "Happy." These are pictures and videos from 4th of July and Jacob doing some new things!

The new vision therapist brought Jacob an awsome new toy. It is a switch that he can grab and make a spinning light ball turn on and go around in circles. This is the PER FECT thing for him because he LOVES this kinda stuff and now he can make it turn on by himself. He has more control over his right hand and actually grabs ahold of the switch pretty good and makes it turn on. Sometimes he knocks the switch out of his range and needs a little help, but I can honestly say this is one of the 1st times I think he is doing something "on purpose" :-) needed something good to happen this week ang God delivered. :-)

The Therapist readjusted his gait trainer today and he took a few steps across the room. Not self motivated, but still when she pulled the walker foward he consistantly brought his right foot foward. Not so much with the left one.

Pictures from the park in the city Jack works in. Jack had to work. He had to be backstage to do security for the singers that preformed during the festival. The main singer was Daryle Singletary. I guess he is a country singer that had a few good songs a few years ago. :-) Really enjoyed sitting by the lake listening to the music before the fireworks. I let the kids play on the playground for a while. They have a big thing every year with food venders, singers, bounce houses, games etc. I love the small town atmasphere. After the kids played we layed out our blanket at the lake and ate chicken nuggets. Ava was collecting shells. We had about a hour and a half wait before the fireworks. The kids did very well until about 20 minutes until they started .Andrew and Ava were begging to go bye bye. Once the fireworks started they were entertained. I had all 3 children sitting in my lap. Andrew clapped everytime he heared a boom! Jacob was calm most of the time (maybe the valium lol) but I don't know it it was that he was tired or the noise..he kept his eyes closed most of the time.
Jacob looking at me all cross eyed

Ava's battle wounds from being at my sister's house for the weekend. She got hit in the face by a wooden swing by her "husband" Calob aka my sister's best friend's son.

Andrew hogging the drink LOL

Mmmm chicken nuggets

Baby Jacob looks so tired

The kids watching the fireworks

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